Yet another pun-tastic epic night at Dr Low’s Medicine Show

Whoever invented “knock-knock” jokes deserves a no-bell prize. That pun placed second. The first place went to a “Doctor, Doctor” joke with curtains, the one I heard 2 million times. I thought it was so overused that I did not even use it ;D

So last Thursday I was DJing at Dr Low’s Medicine Show at Hideaway, Archway (Kentish Town). We had a lot of cabarets and other funny acts and taster class for bear grizzly variation – a dance that comes from 1910 or so. It was hilarious.

After all cabarets, we had the first set from David McTea & The Swinging Magpies. They were great fun to dance to, especially when we had more swing dancers than we normally have. Then we had a great Poiromaniac Juggler performance which was bloody hilarious.

After the performance, we had the second set from the aforementioned band. Then I ended the night by DJing for the rest of the night for the crowd of swing dancers. People were lindy hopping like crazy!

So the last Dr Low’s Medicine Show was the biggest so far but I must say that more people will be coming soon. I will spread the word about this event and how amazing the band really is for as many people as I can.

In order for you to experience this awesome event, you will have to come by yourself to the next event – February 18, 2016. There will be 2 bands this time and there will be more swing dancers.

If you wish to know where I am dancing next, just refer to the top right widget of this blog. I will be updating it on weekly basis.

P.S. This blog post was somewhat short so I cannot put all those crazy photos here. Click here to see all the photos.