YES YES YES! DJing at Lindy Turn with Michael and Evita

DISCLAIMER: I was DJing at Lindy Turn.

Hey, so yeah, last weekend I was out in Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire (a few miles from Reading which is in Berkshire ­čśÇ ). I had an absolute blast!

First of all, I have to tell you that I DJed on Friday and Sunday. Oh and people were dancing! I played my favourite tunes that were musical. I DJed for 3 hours in total (1.5 on Friday and 1.5 on Sunday). On Sunday especially, most people were hopping most of the time. I think I did not disappoint.

Also, we had Michael and Evita. The workshops were fantastic. I will not tell you exactly what we were learning there but we did lots and lots of connection stuff. I realised, as a leader, I have so much “work” to do before the rock step and stuff .. it was crazy … eye opening workshops. I did not realise that. Michael and Evita are super fun teachers and they are always smiling, energetic, etc… but I think everybody knows them. What people might not know though, is that they have launched lindy hop school online. I will not talk about it much because their names tell us a lot already. If it’s Michael and Evita, you know you are in for a universe-sized treat! You should visit their website: to get more information.

We also had Martyn Nelson and Rhythm Remedies play live on Saturday. Me and Martyn have known each other for a while. I think we met at Savoy Hop’s Tranky Do workshop 3.5 years ago. I knew he was phenomenal dancer and I had heard good things about his band but I had never heard the band before. I heard them last Saturday. Oh boy, it was super amazing! My favourite tempo, amazing vocals, amazing musicians, great song choices! I don’t care how much people love them, I am number one fanboy now!

The atmosphere of the event was really amazing! Lovely people, lovely dancers, DJs, the band and teachers. When I look at events, I always look at the floor-craft. It was nice, no bumps, crashes, etc … lovely! The organisers were very helpful and they know how to organise a killer event! If you live in Reading or around (in Berkshire and beyond) and wish to start learning swing dancing, you should check the All Jazzed Up out. They have amazing teachers and students.

So, if All Jazzed Up is organising another weekender like this, you must come! SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With that said, I will be signing out until the next festival.