Winter Swing Ball By Swingland


Yesterday I managed to get to Winter Swing Ball which was hosted by Swing land. I originally planned to get there by 7:30 as they had beginners’ lindy hop class which I planned not to go to. We got there before 7 PM lol. It seems that traffic was not that bad even though it was in London.

So, since we got there early, I tried the lesson. It was for complete beginners and they learned 6 beats basic, tuck turn, basic in open position, basic in open holding both arms, then this move which I could do where leads raise (or is it rise?? Always mixing these 2 words 🙁 ) left arm and then followers turn clockwise and then they sort of ravel. Then we learned unraveling move, yes, I have never done it before although I’ve been doing similar but a bit different moves to unravel. And then getting into close position from open. I learned something new!

Anyway, there were plenty of complete beginners in the class and then we had socials. In socials, most people were much better than I was. I was a bit sick so I could not dance properly … so I didn’t dance much but it was great. There were lots of people and lots of space. The venue was fabulous, easy place to find and park at. Problem was that cash machine was quite far. Bar was decent. We even had 2 bands that performed live. That was amazing. There was a performance by Attic Cats (I think) and then we had tranky do stroll. I can do half of it when it’s slow so I didn’t do it. Too bad they didn’t do shim sham stroll 🙁 but we were able to practice Christmas stroll we learned in past 2 classes at Savoy Hop. It was quite interested in dancing on the side of the dance floor while some people were watching us with eyes wide open as if thinking WTF we are doing lol.

Anyway, the event and everything was fabulous! I realised that my Charleston skill is getting better but the problem is that I cannot do much with it. I can do like basic, some turns/spins, kick crosses (with crazy legs and jazz arms in the middle hehe), hip hands and Tandem Charleston with cool entry variations (yes, chase entry or even chase entry variation where leads spin around comes easy now and I even move back just like we were thought). Getting into Tandem from hip hands is something I’d like to practice although I had success in classes. I would like to learn some jazz stuff that I can put in my Charleston (hint for next classes 😉 ).

Anyway, to sum up yesterday’s night out, it was fabulous, now if I could have danced more, it would have been 10 x better but oh well, I guess I lay in bed or something for the next 5-6 days to get strong for Vintage Ball. I mean, 2-3 days as I need to be strong for Christmas. Oh no, I won’t be dancing then, I just wanna have Christmas drinks and that’s not wine lol.

Anyway, since I won’t see anyone before the Christmas:

Merry Christmas!

Don’s out.

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