Hello all, with regret I am here blogging about Wild Times I attended last night. With regret because it was the last of Wild Times … and it was WILD INDEED.

Look, Wild Times was running for years, it was the longest running regular event in London … and they even had live bands on …

I was on time for Balboa class. The class was brilliant, just like last time. It was taught by Nikki Santilli and she, again, amazingly broke down complex moves into very easy-to-follow-and-master steps (for me anyway). I did not practice it unfortunately but I learned, or rather, remembered cross kicks. We also did basic and rock step basic. We only had like 45 minutes and I was a few minutes late but caught up successfully, I think.

There was no live band on, however, there was DJ reunion. Amazing DJs, all of them. The room was just packed. There probably were over a hundred of people and whole floor was so busy that there was no space to dance … or so I thought. Thing is, floor craft was just amazing, it was so amazing that I was really surprised. Nobody kicked me a single time. There were a lot of people I had never met but they were all so good! It was brilliant.

Music was just perfect. Some slow, some fast, some mid-tempo but they all were awesome. There were performances and all; and we had shim sham … twice!

To sum it up, it was one of the best nights this year! It will definitely make it in top 10 highlights of the year. I am very sorry for a very short post (not 1.5K words I wrote yesterday). I am up early morning tomorrow and I hit Birmingham for 2 reasons. I can’t tell you why though.

P.S. I have not been a frequent Wild Times attendee but I always had a blast. It is shame that it is closing down. May you rest in piece … and as not-so-always, a picture of swinging people (sorry, no selfie/groupie this time ­čÖü ).

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