What on Earth is Lindy Hop Marathon?

Hi, now that Lindy Hop Marathon is upon us, I believe it is about time I explain it in more detail and how it works.

Imagine 30 days abs challenge or 30 days plank challenge (which I am doing, finishing my 2nd week). Anyway, you are supposed to do sit ups for 30 days in a row. Each day you increase the amount of sit ups you do.

Similarly, lindy hop marathon will be more like 20 days of lindy hopping! That does not mean to dance for 20 days in a row however, you can dance 20 days in February. Just think about this – 5 days a week! So you get 2 days a week for rest. In other words, you have 29 days in Februrary, got 9 days for rest. How you use your resting days is up to you but remember: no rest for the wicked ;D

There are some rules that apply though. As long as you do this in a day, you can count it as a legit dancing day:

  • take 1 hour class or workshop
  • squeeze in 3 social dances

If you wish to provide any sort of proof that you actually danced somewhere, you can:

  • take a selfie/photo of yourself + friends at the venue and post in Facebook event page or instagram with #lindymarathon
  • post a short blog posts through blogpost.com, wordpress.com, tumblr.com or similar blogging platform if you don’t want to spend time and effort to make a proper blog … like Lindyverse ;D
  • post on Facebook page/check-in at the venue and use #lindymarathon.
  • tweet using #lindymarathon. You can also tag me @DonSwings if you like ­čśë

You are not required to prove anything to anyone. In fact, you don’t need to participate but if you are as hardcore as I am then this is your chance to prove it. Let’s make a new trend!

Happy lindy hopping!