What lindy blogging for 2 years has taught me about life

Hi. Today, 6th of November, is a very special day for me. Exactly 2 years ago, I decided to start a blog about my passion – lindy hop. Now this passion is way beyond passion, it is rather a lifestyle now. In this post I will share 3 things I learned about life while blogging about lindy hop for 2 years.

Assumptions are wrong

Just because you assume something, it does not make it so. In fact, if you are struggling right now, it is most likely because of decisions you made based on your assumptions. I don’t assume anymore. I ask. This works very well when taking selfies and photos. There are times when I think that teachers wouldn’t take a selfie with a mere mortal lindy hop student since they are mighty Gods … or for whatever other reason … I still ask and I get selfies 100%. I had no rejections so far 🙂

Patience is a virtue

When I started to blog about lindy hop, I had no long term or short term goals in my mind. It was something new among lindy hoppers and I was blogging out of sheer passion … which I still do to this day. Then I had a long blogging break from around March 2014 until the very end of October 2014 (8 months or so). People kept asking me what the hell happened to my blog, etc … Then I somewhat realised that I shall keep blogging. I started taking pictures and selfies with musicians, teachers, organisers, etc … it has been about 1 year that I am blogging with no breaks. Lindyverse is getting more and more popular each and every month.

What does story above have to do with patience? Everything. If I wasn’t patient and I had stopped blogging at the first thought about not getting traffic, likes on Facebook, comments, etc … I would not be where I am today. Today, I actually receive great discounts and offers for camps, mainly because of the blog. I must say that I had a ton of doubting thoughts just to stop blogging. Each time I review a camp, it easily takes 3-7 hours off my time which I could invest into actual work …

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, patience and consistency is a must. When you think that you can’t do this anymore, remember, YOU CAN! Success is just around the corner 😉

People judge

No matter how good or bad you are at whatever you do, there will always be those who support you and those who judge you, criticise you, etc … You must appreciate those who support you and ignore those who judge you and try to drag you down.

In my early blogging days, there were people who were thrilled when they found out that I was blogging about lindy hop. There were other people who questioned me, judged me, told me that the blog was quite useless and wasted my time (although, I’d say, time spent doing things you love is not wasted). People told me that I could use my time doing “more useful” things (this didn’t come from lindy hoppers to be exact), etc … it was hard so I stopped caring. I still don’t care what people think of me or my blog or what the hell I do with my time. I’ll keep blogging for as long as lindy hop is my passion (hopefully for eternity).

I love this quote: “People are assholes, they will judge you anyway” (I can’t remember who said this phrase, sorry, but I am not taking a credit for it either). So if you are not pissing anyone off, you are probably not doing anything important. So do whatever the fuck you want and live your life like there is no tomorrow. After all, it takes a crazy person to change the world 🙂