We were behavin’ …. Ain’t (Mis)behavin’ 5th birthday!


I know I know, I have not been blogging for a while … the last proper blog post was about the epic Camp Savoy 2016 – that was the last camp I attended … now I have booked several others which I will attend by the end of the year but the problem that I face is that if I blog just about camps and stuff … I am only gonna post 10 times a year … this is not called blogging … this is called being lazy.

So, with that in mind, I believe I will be back to my old habbit when I used to blog several times a week – each day I came home after dancing, instead of going to bed I would just write that blog post … I still dance 2-8 days a week, I guess I was just lazy to blog.

OK, back to topic, last Friday I attended Ain’t (Mis)behavin’ 5th birthday. This event is normally 3rd Friday of each month and is held by Uptown Swing (really cool school). This time it was 2nd Friday. I assume that’s because it would have clashed with VAA House Party, Mini Swing Festival pre-party …

So, I went to Mascara Bar at about 8:30 PM and I was honoured to be one of the first people there. We had amazing DJs DJing from vinyl recordings. I think that this very technology is one of the most epic things that actually creates vintage vibes and atmosphere. I really like events where you get music from vinyl records .. or live music … because laptop DJs are cheap … (like me … ;D ). DJs were great, atmosphere was great, people were awesome, I just wish that the venue was larger for so many people. Ain’t (Mis)behavin’ is one of my favourite regular events … and it has been this way for quite a while now.

I really feel like my ego was satisfied on Friday because of so many selfies … it was crazy … and nobody, I mean NOBODY said “NO” to my selfie requests … and some even asked for selfies …

Next, you will see me at Wilton’s Musical Hall tomorrow (Tuesday), I’ll be a very cheap DJ at Dr Low’s Medicine Show, then VAA house party (link above), London Authentic Jazz and Lindy Hop Weekend (link above) over the weekend.

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Anyway, we will talk soon.