We are the heroes of our time

Today I wanted to blog about quite successful Breast Fest 2015 hosted by JiveSwing which happened just over a week ago. Collectively, we were able to raise over £1,000+ for local breast cancer charities. I did not take any photos/selfies, I apologise for that. You see, I was really busy dancing to the amazing My Favourite Things band – true artists from the previous century …

We had a taster solo jazz class which (and I do not apologise for that) was related to boobs … many funny/dodgy moves like touching your own breasts while doing tic toes. Yeah, I won’t talk about those moves … if you missed, it’s your problem, I actually said on Facebook that it’s a night not to miss … or something like that xD

We also had the usual snowball, some strolls, etc … lots of dancing to live and not-live (and definitely not dead) music. The night was packed with people from all the neighbourhood. My Favourite Things were singing, dancing and entertaining us. I really enjoyed all of their songs but my favourite must be “Sweet dreams” or something. It’s not the Marilyn Manson song. Most of their songs are quite medium/fast which means they all are energetic. I know that I used to not particularly like that tempo. I thought it was too fast for me but things, just like time, change you know and now I must say that the tempo was perfect for me!

I really enjoyed the band, the social dancing although, there were performances, etc … which took time but I guess I had a break and stuff. I really did enjoy the evening especially that we were dancing for a good cause and raised some money. That made us “heroes” of our time.

I really want to catch up with my blogging before I hit European Swing Dance Championships on Thursday so expect another post from me tomorrow or on Thursday afternoon (because I sleep in the morning).

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