Visiting Swingrave in Aylesbury


Today I went to Aylesbury for a social dance. I didn’t go to workshops today. They had Jitterbug and Charleston strolls. I wanted to try social dancing anyway. This post is going to be quite short.

Well, I drove 30 miles or so. It’s exactly like Fidgety Feet or Groove Lounge. I enjoyed many dances. Music was great, some slow, some fast and few very fast for balboa or shag. I didn’t do neither of those.

We also did 4 strolls … well, rather, they did … I did 3.5. I don’t think I have ever seen 4 strolls being played at the same social night! We did shim sham, jitterbug, Charleston and slum stroll (I think?). They also played this music for swing stroll but I didn’t have balls to go there alone and start swing stroll as none was doing it anyway …

Oh yeah, I quickly learned slum stroll. It’s like 2 Charleston basics. Then sort of fall off the log but not it. It’s like you tap with right leg twice and then put it behind left (or is over? Can’t remember ­čÖü ), step with the left and then step with the right over your left leg. Then tap twice with left, put it behind right and then as you step again, you turn 90 degrees to the right and then repeat everything again. Easy …

There were also free cakes and coffee. There was a bar for beer and stuff. The venue was lovely and quite big. There were probably 30 people in there. Mostly experienced dancers … met quite a lot of unexpected friends.

Will I come back? Yes, of course!

See you tomorrow!

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