Visiting Swing Pit At The New Venue


So yesterday I kicked off the 4th day of my 6-day dancing marathon at Swing Pit. Now I got couple of hours before I go to Savoy Hop and yet I got some work to do so I won’t get too much into blogging right now.

So basically, this shillibeer bar is so cool! Dancing floor is twice the size at the Corbet’s Place. There were 3 columns that could be a bit of a challenge but it wasn’t that bad. Large area to dance, lots of dancers, etc … beverage price was alright I guess, £4 for Sol with a piece of lime. Affordable 😀 The bar itself was nearer to my place by like 3 miles or so but you know driving 3 miles in London can take 40 minutes or more so in total, it took me around 50 minutes to get there, it’s slightly further than Boogalloo.

Anyway, I had many dances, asked many followers to dance and I was asked by a few as well. I had a chance to practice some fancy Charleston moves (Tandem entry and basic variations, etc ..). I had a chance to dance some lindy hop as well.

There was a birthday jam as well, 4 couples dancing! Quite a large one! I didn’t steal anyone since I don’t like to show off and stuff 😀

Anyway, I cannot comment too much as there weren’t many highlights … if any at all. This is by far BEST venue to dance at from Swing Patrol! I wish this became their usual place … like every Sunday lol.

OK, got some work to do and then off to Savoy Hop. It seems I shall be able to complete my marathon successfully 🙂

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