Visiting Sugar Push – Another Christmas Dancing Event


Today I went to Sugar Push. This one is tea dance party so I left in the afternoon and came back in the evening. There were lots of people there and everybody was good. I felt like I was one of the worst dancers there.

Really, it’s pretty much like Fidgety feet except there were like 3-4 times more people. They even offered free wine but you know me, I don’t drink wine 😉

What I really loved about it was the bar. I mean, it had this lounge and then sort of bar. It was free! I mean, you come to this “bar” and ask for coffee or tea and they do it for you. Great customer service! There were cakes and what not.

Music was excellent, lots of lindy hop songs, some Charleston-ish and a few Balboa/Shag songs. There weren’t that many young people but I had a great time dancing. I danced with pretty much every follower there was. Also, it was odd that there was lack of followers this time! Some of the people mentioned that!

Anyway, we had some performances done by Sophisticated Ladies, I even had a chance to dance with couple of them. We also had shim sham and swing strolls. I didn’t do swing stroll as I was quite lazy as always 😉

Within the first hour I was really out of breath lol. I could do big swing outs and lindy turns because there was lots of space and it wasn’t as crowded as it always is where I dance … I also met some of friends from London and Hertfordshire so it was cool. Community was friendly, pretty much like everywhere.

Anyway, I am quite tired and I still got 2 more days to dance!

See you tomorrow at SavoyHop!

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