Visiting Groove Lounge

Hello there,

First of all, may I start from the highlights of today or yesterday? Well, I cooked lunch today. It was pancakes with pork and cheese.

OK, yesterday, I went to Groove Lounge in Buckden. I won’t talk much today as I am a bit busy (not business or dancing related stuff). It was 40 miles away from my home. I liked it a lot. It’s exactly like Fidgety Feet but it had more people in there. The floor was fantastic and there was enough space for everybody to dance until kingdom come.

Really, I enjoyed it. We also had homemade cake which was FANTASTIC! I had this chocolate cake … a huge piece of cake and it was absolutely tasty! I forgot to ask for the recipe so I can bake one myself … well, maybe next time ­čÖé

I had tons of dances. I think I danced with almost every follower. I practiced what I learned at DJAM and I also practiced some Texas Tommy with jump variations. I succeeded almost every Tommy!

Music was great! They also had some sweets on table … we ate almost all sweets on our table … sorry about that xD

Would I recommend Groove Lounge? Yes, not only that but I will also come back to Groove Lounge for sure!

With this post, I am finishing my 13 days dancing marathon which I completed successfully … Now I am taking a day off (today) and then I am starting my usual dancing routine … still 5-6 times a week lol.

See you soon!

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