Very late but welcome to 2019

Welcome 2019Hi all. I know I haven’t blogged for over a year but the Lindyverse is not dead … it just rose from the ashes like an inferno phoenix … or whatever the saying is …

So, shamefully, this is my first post this year but certainly NOT the last! Look, life gave me lemons and I made a tequila and salt without actual lemon … well, that’s life, right? No, don’t get me wrong … it was too sweet because there was nothing to make it sour xD

Anyway, over the past couple of weeks or so I started working on Lindyverse once again and I am very excited to share some news with you. First of all, I added SSL which means website is safe to browse even though I don’t keep credit card details … I think SSL is such an important part of our lives now … especially when you are an SEO and try to please Google (in ways that only SEOs manage to please) 😀

Also, some pages will not be working as the site itself had too many plugins installed which some of them clashed and the loading was horrible … now moved onto much faster web hosting (which, non-ironically, is based in the UK).

But that’s enough of the technical stuff. Let’s move onto more exciting news!

First of all, I will be reviewing old posts of this blog and likely merging a ton of them, especially if I blogged about the same event more than once (even if years were different). This will make posts more exciting and might force you to brew a cup of coffee as they will be longer …

Also, I am in the process of developing certain ideas on how to enhance the blog but I can’t share the details yet … but imagine being able to buy unique dancing apparel (such as pre-designed shirts with good material or shoes or whatever …). A lot more is coming but I cannot share at this moment.

Oh and the last but not the least – I will be travelling more now (around UK for now), attending classes, actually (once again) and improving my moves and groves … it probably does not concern everyone but I am very excited to get out there once again …

You can look at the right side and see where I will be next. It’s been a long time since I have danced properly. See you in Brighton or somewhere else 😊

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