Two Year Bloomsbury Bounce Anniversary With Steve Coombe’s Hot Four

Hello there,

Yesterday (Thursday, October 23, 2014), I went to Bloomsbury 2 year anniversary party. They had live band – Steve Coombe’s Hot Four. Honestly, I tried to get to the class as well so that I could warm up before dancing but you know London’s traffic is really annoying. The morning/afternoon was horrible you know. I woke up at 6:30 AM then went to university in Docklands campus. It was fine, no traffic. Then me and my group smashed our presentation with other 8 groups. There were 5 groups from Belgium! It was interesting to socialise with some Belgian people. They did really well. Then we finished at 1 PM. I drove to Whetherspoon in Stratford which took me about 20 minutes. I had lunch there. Then on my way back to Docklands I was literally sitting ducks in traffic for half an hour but I managed to make it on time (4 PM). Attended another event until 4:30 then I went home with 0 traffic. I was having lunch at home at around 5:30. Then I heard really good news regarding the project we are working on but I am not going to out the details or outcome of our presentation. Just to let you know – exciting times ahead. OK, then I left for Bloomsbury at around 6:10 and I was there at 7:50. WTF? Horrible traffic. Got home by 00:30 or so. OK, that’s enough about my daily rant. I just hope that you read this paragraph really fast so you can exaggerate how busy I was 😀 Time to tell you more about event itself.

You know if the event wasn’t good, I wouldn’t be blogging about it right? Not quite, it was not just good, it was AMAZING! I had forgotten how cool the band is. I like the main guy – he’s friendly and keen to talk (just like the rest of the band!) (yeah, got shameless selfie at the end of this post 😀 ). I like how they all sit on their chairs and look so chilled and relaxed and play really well. You know like most bands play really fast music – they didn’t – they played my favourite tempo – medium/fast – ish. It’s like 200 bpm – ish, no? The area size was alright, I mean, now that I can practice my small swing outs in a cosy area, it was really good size even though it was packed sometimes, especially during live music. I think if they removed all the tables and chairs, there would be 4 or 5 times more space to dance.

You know the best part? It was FREE. It was really good even though I don’t believe in free stuff unless I offer marketing in exchange (yea yeah, pitching, I know but you know I am good at pitching if this works 😀 ). But it was amazing. The bar was also cheap. Imagine paying less than £3 for a pint of beer. I can’t either. But it was. A pint of coke was like £1.75. I made new friends and met my old pals. It was a fabulous event. I am sure I am going to be regular there even though it might be a bit of pain to get to that venue due to traffic but I will manage … I guess 😀

Just like always, during the last song, the band went to the middle of dancing area and we (the dancers) made circle for them and started clapping. Then they played one more. Really awesome band, I will be following their gigs (as long as they play in London or around and there is some dancing involved) 😀

That was a lovely night out in the middle of the week. Here’s my selfie with the band. I was surprised they would wanna make a photo and then allow me to post it on my blog but they looked intrigued. As always (second time out of many to come (hopefully)), a photo dedicated for this blog (sorry, I didn’t take more photos but I guess one groupie is always better than 0 non-groupied/non-selfies). Oh look, I don’t have gorilla arms this time! I have like “Oh come on guys, stop taking photos of me all the time” kind of arms … 😀

See ya.

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