The talent show – no puns intended

What does the Loch Ness monster eat? Fish and ships.

Hey there, so last Thursday I went to Dr Low’s Medicine Show at The Hideaway. There was not much dancing as there were not many lindy hoppers. I still enjoyed my time there. There were a lot of performances which I enjoyed. All of them. There are more photos than words in this post.

The talent show

First, we had some belly dancers to Indian music. It is crazy how strong their backs are! They go low so slow, my back would break into several pieces for sure if I did it.

Then we had the amazing John, the ukelele player, singer and dancer as well. Songs were fun and they all sounded great with some history lectures before the songs.

Then we had the amazing multi-tasking master – hula hooping master whose name I do not know. It was crazy how she managed to spin four hula hoops with four different body parts at the same time.

Then we had another 2 amazing musicians who used keywords and guitar. Their music was so fast and so cool, it’s humanly impossible to move the fingers that fast!

The pun show

We had around 20 puns in the contest. I hoped that all puns would do the magic but no pun in ten did … 😀

The show was fun, all puns actually worked. Congratulations to the winner!

David McTea & The Swinging Magpies

The last talent went up on the stage. This was like hundredth time I heard them live and I must say that there is a lack of following of this band. They are really great! This is actual swing band to which you can swing the hell out. They had 2 sets as always and I know all their songs by now. I still managed to get a few dances in!

That’s it for now. Quite rarely, this post does not have many selfies, it has proper photos! Next, I will be at Paul’s birthday at the Mouthful O’ Jam venue tonight! If you see me there, come and say “Hi!” and then let’s have a dance or two or more. See you.

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