The talent show II

– Doctor, doctor, people keep ignoring me …

– Next, please!

So that’s how we started the fantastic Dr Low’s Medicine Show last Thursday (one week ago) – we had to put funniest puns and jokes. Any puns or doctor, doctor related jokes and then one of the guys won. And then we had the great talent show off – from two amazing swing bands to hula hooping, tap dancing and singing. I blogged about Dr Low’s Medicine Show about 2 months ago and it was fantastic. This time it was even better as we had more swing dancers and more actual swing bands playing live.

Tap dancing and singing

We had 2 acts who both sang and tap danced and one of them also played ukelele. Both were amazing and very talented. The voices were stunning.

We also had a tap/regular shim sham. I was very bad at it, my apologies. You see, I am not used to dance shim sham to other songs than the original. I also was filming when I was invited to dance so I didn’t have my dance shoes on, it made the difference – it really does when you dance in other shoes than the ones you normally dance with.

Hula hooping and poiromaniac

We had one act where one person was hula hooping and another juggling 3 balls. It was hilarious and then we had one full song of crazy hula hooping. That talks a lot of skills to hoop the rings like that!

The Long String Hawkers

This band must be “new kid in town”. I had never heard them before but they don’t seem to be newbies at what they do. There were 6 members of the band – 2 vocalists who did ACE job at singing, just like musicians who played really well. They were playing swing music for the most part. There was some sort of west coast swing/jivy-kind-of song or two but I could easily swing out to their songs (which means the rhythm was not extremely fast). I didn’t dance during their act – I was filming and vlog is hopefully arriving next week at some point. I really loved the band and I hope they get more fans on their Facebook page!

David McTea & The Swinging Magpies

As always, David McTea & The Swinging Magpies were the last act. I was dancing to the most of their songs. They have their own way of playing songs but I love this band and I follow them as much as I can. I have mentioned this earlier that my favurite song is “Garbage Man” and I also like their version of the song that is about battle Jericho … or whatever it is called.

To summarise this event, I would like to say that it was chilling event, not so much for hardcore lindy hoppers (although I’d say I am a hardcore since I dance 3 or more times a week, still enjoyed it) but it has a great vibe and talent shows that will blow your mind at times. Crazy tap dancing, singing, hula hooping and some lindy hopping. I’d say, evening was great!

Oh, I plan on coming to Swing Den North tomorrow. If you see me, come and say hi and let’s have a dance or two …

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