The Killer Diller Winter Ball 2016, but …

Hey all! First of all, I am very sorry for skipping several blog posting opportunities. I have not blogged properly for about 1.5 months or so and I have a good reason for it: studies and work … ok ok, laziness for the most part but December was really hectic ;D

To sum up where I went up until this week: Snow Ball London 2015 (it was great with a great band!), Hellzapoppin Club with another amazing band! Then Vintage Ball 2015 and New Year Eve dance with Swingdance UK crew. Some private and regular parties and events as well. They were all truly amazing events but as I mentioned earlier, I was busy …

Well, at least I managed to meet the deadline for one of the projects for uni … I submitted 1 week before the actual deadline and it does not happen often … if ever … There are people to vouch for it ;D

So anyway, last Friday I went to the Winter Ball 2016 held by Swing Patrol London. It was amazing event. I left at 5 PM – I allowed myself plenty of time due to Lumiere festival in London. Boy, was I wrong? I ended up having no traffic at all. I was at the venue at 6:15 PM. I even had to pay £1 for parking for 15 minutes because it was free parking after 6:30 PM. Then it took me maybe 20 minutes to actually find the venue. Then I had to wait for another 20 minutes before it started … they didn’t allow me in because I was just a dancer …

It was different venue from the last year’s Winter Ball. I think this year’s venue, called 229 Venue … was decently large. There were many people there but I believe we could still swing the hell out during its peakest hour. Unfortunately, there was no live band this year. Last year we had live band and even competition where I competed … against international teachers … lol.

We had a class at about 7:30 PM for about half an hour. The class was more like a taster class. It started with 20 people. Couple minutes later, we had maybe 70 people who participated in the class. I will not tell what we learned but it was simple stuff like 6 count basic, tuck turn, basic in the open and bring her back … the teachers were hilarious … they were so energetic, you could feel it, take it and use it ;D

I met quite a few old friends I had not seen in a while. I also made some new ones. DJing was fantastic. I could dance to each and every song … if I had infinite amount of energy … of course. The atmosphere was amazing! The dance floor was great! There was just not enough seats to rest. We had solo jazz competition. Congratulations to everybody who participated! You all looked amazing!

Anyway, while Winter Ball 2016 was great fun and all, I must announce some sad news and some great news! Sad news being that I lost my instagram account! I mean, it got deleted for unknown reasons. I am fixing this as we speak, trying to find out why it happened and if it can be restored … also, I may not be able to release my new project I am working on this month. I hope to release it in February!

Now more about some good news – I will start redesigning and restructuring this blog so it looks nicer and educate people about swing dancing. I do not plan on teaching anyone, I just want to educate people why they should consider lindy hop. I will tell them how great it is, how fun it is and how it can help lose weight, gain more confidence and become a better person in general.

The next event I am attending – Dr. Low’s Medicine Show in Kentish Town, London. We will have 2 AMAZING swing bands – David McTea & The Swinging Magpies and Millie & The Millionaires. We will have tons of other comedy and other acts and a lot of dancing going on! I will be DJing as well so it will be a great to gain more DJing experience! I have even blogged about this event here and here. Are you in? Go here and tell all that Don sent you xD

So if you see me at Dr Low’s Medicine Show, please do say “Hi!” and then let’s have a dance or two and take dozens of shameless selfies and stuff … xD