The joys of the Chase Festival 2016 (at the chase!)

Hi, it has been a while since the last time I blogged … or vlogged. Yeah, I am too, surprised, that I am back to blogging but since I plan on hitting plenty more festivals this year (and years ahead)  because why the fuck not, I decided to get back into blogging. I, perhaps, won’t be vlogging for much longer because I lose one full day doing that (and I have to keep hustlin’ if I wish to continue to support this passion of mine). I know I skipped blogging/vlogging about several other events I attended (such as LLX 2016 which I blogged about last year or LSF 2016 which I blogged about last year (I think LSF 2016 was best yet!)), I will not go back and/or blog about them but I whole-heartedly enjoyed both!

Oh, let’s not forget my vibely-lyricly written post about the Chase Festival 2015 (at the chase!). This year, it was so much more fun, perhaps, I had more dances and what not. I believe even Ali agrees with me (the part where I say that it was so much more fun):

I didn’t attend the city tour, like I did last year even though we didn’t have sun-that-was-hotter-than-the-hell (and yeah, I’ve been there .. twice) this time, I still enjoyed my apartment which was 7 kilometers away from the main venue.

I enjoyed the class material. I met legendary teachers from U.S., U.K., Germany and other parts of the world who were keen to take selfish selfies with me. I feel stronger now that I survived advanced+ stream even though I was probably the shittiest lead there but I challenged myself and it will take 2 or 3 weeks for me to digest all the info that I received.

The parties and the bands were phenomenal, especially the Hot Sugar BAAAAAAAND (imagine the crowd shouting “band”, that’s why it’s bolded and underlined). I, literally, couldn’t stop dancing on Saturday night while they were playing. They were so fucking Ace!

WTF, beer was cheaper than the coca-cola? Damn you, imports. It’s true though. Beer was so much cheaper than the coke that it was crazy not to buy it while I didn’t have to drive! It’s ok to get tipsy every once in a while, no?

And so, my friends, I’m sold. I shall be back to Heidelberg every year from now on. Although, getting to Heidelberg can be pain in the ass but it’s worth it, I just hope they won’t start putting day classes on Fridays, because I need sleep after pre-party.

As you noticed, this post is relatively short, comparing to the most posts I write on this blog. I just cut out most of the bullshit people are not interested in reading anyway, such as all the horrible shit I endure while travelling or my opinion about unimportant things. Chase festival (at the chase!) ROCKS and so will you if you come here in 2017 😉

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Thanks for reading.

’til next festival 😉