The Inteli-Gents at Voodoo Doll’s Party – Making The Right Decision … Twice

Hello all, so yesterday I went to Voodoo Doll’s party. This was not the first time I went to this event but I had never blogged about it. In case you don’t bother reading through entire blog post, just know this: it was fantastic!

First of all, I must complain about traffic. It was catastrophical. I got to the venue at around 8:30 and then it took me about an hour to find a place to park. I parked right next to the venue anyway … xD Traffic was tragic on my way home as well. Around half London roads were closesd due to whatever reasons … probably because of today’s marathon or something. Took me around 1.5 hours to get home. Anyway … /rant.

OK, the band was called Inteli-Gents. It was one of their last gigs in London … oh boy, I made the right decision to come to the event and hear them live. They sounded very professionally. They did 2 sets. They played a lot of rock’n’roll songs. I was not dancing much as I don’t jive/rock’n’roll but I was paying respect to the band by listening … it was great! Now I really want to learn jive and rock’n’roll. They played a few songs that are frequently played in lindy hop socials … songs like “Hallelujah, I love her so …” but it was not the kind of rhythm I normally hear. It sounded very well though. Unfortunately, I did not take the photo with the band. I took a photo of them performing … from a bit weird angle. I hop they won’t mind.

The venue itself is really great. It’s Waterfront Bar. I remember the first time I went to Voodoo Doll’s, I got lost. I mean, I had no idea it would take place on second floor. I had to ask for directions. The dance floor is just amazing. I believe it’s polished wooden floor or whatever it is called, I am not an expert here … not too grippy and not too slippery. It’s perfect, like a proper dance floor should be. They even had fans on the ceiling. The bar was quite cheap. I paid £1.5 for a decent-size pint of coke. Normally, it costs around £2.5-£4 in most places. I imagine a pint of beer would go for £2-2.5 xD

Atmosphere was great. Very nice floor craft. So many amazing dancers. I had the blast during the last hour. I don’t know why I always unleash my “inner dancer” during last hour or two when I am at Voodoo Dolls. I somewhat knew that yesterday was no different so I stayed until the end and I realised I made the right decision (again).

I can’t say that I will be a regular attendee … I already am 🙂 I will try to come more often … like every month 😀 And as always, photo time!

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