The Incredible Leeds Lindy Weekend 2016

Hello all. I know I have not blogged much in the recent weeks but you know that I have been vlogging, right? So last weekend I went to Leeds for Leeds Lindy Weekend 2016. Damn, it was great!

So basically, I went to unversity on Friday afternoon (35 miles) and then I drove straight to Leeds from London (205 miles). I did the same on Monday morning – I drove straight to university from Leeds (205 miles) and then I drove home – another 35 miles. It was crazy but traffic was quite empty so my journey took about 4.5 hours one way (with couple of stops).

On Saturday, we had about 4 – 4.5 hours of hardcore classes. Another 2 – 2.5 on Sunday. We also had social dancing on Saturday (from 6:30 until 11) and on Sunday (from 5 until 9:30). To be honest, I thought it was not enough of social dancing for a camp … damn I was wrong … on Sunday I was really swungover … or just slept too much xD

Cam & Cat

Since I no longer out the class material, I have to say that we did some moves from old movies. Those moves were awesome, we did some jazz stuff, some 1920s Charleston and some lindy hop moves from those old clips. The teachers were hilarious, as always. So energetic and fun to learn from!

What did I learn? I learned quite a lot. Now I just need to practice those moves. I particularly liked the 1920s Charleston with different connection type which actually makes it better, easier and stuff. I also loved the over-rotational swing out stuff. Then getting silly afterwards ;D

Thought massage.

Ben & Robyn

I believe this was my first time I had them both teach at the same time in a class (I had never been taught by Ben and Robyn together). Man, that was great stuff! We did some more moves from old clips and we also did crazy stuff like jump in and outs and chugs chugs and how to lead them. We also did other related moves like footword variations for second triple steps.

What did I learn? A lot. I was able to improve the compression-and-release-kind-of-stuff which was cool. Also I learned a very very cool lindy circle variation with kick through and then spin but I won’t out the details. Also, jumping, hopping and stepping 5 times within 2 beats were variations!

Social dancing and bands

While I admit that I thought that we didn’t have enough time for social dancing, I was wrong! After physically and mentally challenging classes, I think it was good that we didn’t dance until 2 AM, otherwise, none of us would have turned up on Sunday classes. There were quite a few missing, actually.

We had The Big Easy band on Saturday. They were great! We also had The David Broad Trio on Sunday – they were phenomenal. I couldn’t just sit there, I needed to dance so often times I was out to avoid dancing my living soul out ;D

We also had 2 competitions – shadow dancing competitions where couples were not connected, yet they needed to lead/follow. This had to do with visual aspect of lindy hop. We also had musical statues competition. The prizes were quite awesome – passes to DJAM, Manchester exchanges, Mersey Swing exchanges, etc …

In general, the atmosphere was really good and very friendly people. Venues were big enough for all of us (around 100 perhaps). Very nice floor for dancing – not too rough and not too slippery, just the way I like it, actually.

To sum it up, if the team organised another Leeds Lindy Weekend in 2017, I would come, no questions asked! Oh and I am sorry for not taking a selfie with Bob and Nancy but they didn’t come to Sunday’s socials. I was taking photos that day. Also, the quality of photos aren’t that great, I reckon my phone was too sweaty, just like me ­čśë