The Dixie Ticklers and It’s A Swing Thing – superb combo, cry if you missed it!

Hello all, so yesterday I went to my usual spot on 3rd Friday of every month – “It’s A Swing Thing” organised by District Swing and Ritzy Cinema. You probably know this place already – an amazing event in the heart of Brixton, even though this area might be dodgy at night time … ­čśÇ

Anyway, we had a band called The Dixie Ticklers. I was really surprised at how awesome they were! This was the very first time I heard them but I know it is not the last! Their songs were not too fast and not that long, except one song which I will talk about later on. This band had 5 members yesterday. They are all better at playing/singing than Tiger Woods at playing golf.

Their tempo was just perfect for my dancing. The dance floor was almost packed (all the people were dancing). They played two dozen songs. I mean, they had only one set that took nearly 2 hours! 2 BLOODY HOURS! One of the songs I didn’t dance to was around 15 minutes long … and I am not even kidding … I never kid (… just sometimes :D). It started as a blues song and then tempo picked up but it wasn’t extrememly fast … just loooooooooooong.

The band is very nice and very engaging with the dancers. They even thaught us a move. I really enjoyed last night, I just got gutted that my Brixton people were not there … but then again, so much is going on – Swing and Swing, Swing Crash, etc … I must proudly admit that this band made it into my favourites list! Those of you who missed it, be jelly, it was fantastic night with fantastic band and fantastic people and dancers!

And as always … no wait, rarely ever – a proper photo of me and the band and couple other people (not a selfie this time).

Oh, here is the deal! Next event – Scoundrels Street Party (Facebook event) on Sunday, 21st June and then I am going to the Super Swing Pit (Facebook event) later on. If you want me to take a photo with you, or perhaps a big group photo for this blog and facebook, just find me and talk to me and we will surely sort this out ­čÖé I will tag you on Facebook so your friends can be jealous of what awesome events you go to!

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