The Ahoy Amaze-Balls, just like super mini Lindy Shock

Hi all, first of all, I apologise for not taking millions of photos and/or selfies. The title is not pun-intended but thank you if you consider it pun-tastic 😀

So, last night, I went to the Ahoy Ball hosted by Swing Patrol London. It was dancing on a boat which was cruising down the River Thames. Just like dancing on the boat at the Lindy Shock. The boat was Golden Jubilee. The “dance floor” was over 2 floors. The upper dance floor was smaller, we had “balcony-kind-of” thing where we could get out and breath fresh air in (if you could call it fresh that is). Just like at Lindy Shock, as the boat passed the bridge, everybody would go crazy and mad and start screaming and waving at people on the bridge. At some point during the “ball”, boat would rock … and rock hard. It was a challenge to dance still.

We also had a live band. It was fantastic band called The Cable Street Rag band. They had 3 sets, half an hour each. They don’t play too fast or too long songs, except that one madly fast song. We were warned though … 😀

I have blogged about this band and their performance at the Super Swing Pit before, I cannot comment any more about them. They also made it into my favourite swing bands along side Down for the Count and a few others.

Atmosphere was great, dancing was great, music was great, dance floor was OK, weather was perfect, what more can you ask for? Nothing.

And as always, selfie with THE BAND. Honestly, I don’t know where I will be dancing next, my guess is in Bedford to the fabulous Last Chance Ragtime Band on 27th August but I cannot promise if I will make it. Facebook event page can be found here. That or Nighthawks in North London on Sunday – Facebook event can be found here. I hope to make to both of them. If you do see me in any of those events, let’s make a selfie and let’s have a dance, alright?

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