Swing Out Variations At Savoy Hop

Hi there,

Let’s start from the highlights, shall we? I am not going to talk about what happened after a black cat crossed the road as I was driving yesterday … the highlight of the day is this:


I went to Savoy Hop yesterday. It was great. We did stuff!

Yeah, the class had many people: some new people and most experienced people. In jazz class we started on Big Apple routine. What we learned was easy … so far … ­čśÇ

OK, just to quickly summarise the jazz class, first, we learned electro-slide or whatever it’s called. This is going to be our warm up every Monday. It goes like this: crab walks to the right, crab walks to the left, 3 fish walks (weight on the right), tap with the left, step with the left, tap with the right, step back with the right, step with the left then we do this hook with the right and turn 90 degrees to the left and we repeat everything. After half of the song passes on, we start pecking instead of crab walk … that’s all.

OK, then we did first 4 eights form big apple. 3 eights of shafts and then break. Shafts are quite easy, it’s like jumping forward and back (jump per beat) and then arms – crossed and then out. It’s hard to explain it. Break goes like this: step (right), tap behind (left), step back (left), rock step, cross (right crosses left leg), lock and then turn for 2 beats. That’s all we did for the jazz class.

Then we had a break, coffee and stuff …

… then we did our second class. We had scouts and explorers merged together again. We did some swing outs and played some funny games/exercises. We did some “default” swing outs and then forward swing outs. We also practiced some swing outs (or rather push outs?) where instead of proceeding to beats 5-6 normally, leads push followers back so it’s like changing places. We didn’t do exactly that but we had exercises that could have led to that. We also did 4 beat fake swing outs where we change places as well. It was a bit weird move … I think that’s all we did.

Then we had socials. I had amazing time as always. I was a bit disappointed though … at Fidgety Feet we learned tranky doo routine and I was promised that we would be doing 2 strolls every Monday … we done none for the past few weeks now and I am getting a bit rusty on routines … even shim sham :O

OK, that’s all for now … Kentish Town tonight!

See you there.

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