All About Swing 2017 in Birmingham (or rather Halesowen)

Disclaimer: if it is too long to read, know this – I had a blast!

Hi all. I am very sorry for lack of posts in this blog. The last time I blogged, I blogged about Swing Break 2017. Since then, I did other 3 events (apart from All About Swing 2017) and had a 5 weeks break off dancing. I DJed for Hullzapoppin’, London Throwdown and Oxford Lindy Exchange. I had a blast in all of these events but this post is all about All About Swing 2017.

As always, I must complain about traffic. What normally takes 2 hours to get to Birmingham (or Halesowen), it took me about 3 hours to get there and 4 hours to get home. Massive traffic, heavy rain, slow traffic, etc … oh well. I am safe and recovered from AAS already 🙂

This time I did jazz stream. There were 8 girls and 1 man (me) in the class. I liked it. Especially that I was the only man in the class … I learned how to walk straight, feel music with my entire body (wait what? If you had come here, you would have learned too 😉 ). Also we did some routines and stuff.

For the first time ever, I did all taster classes on Friday. Normally, I would come on Friday evening but this time I made it to the afternoon taster classes! We had ballet class (never again, sorry), boogie woogie (I was reminded why I never followed more boogie woogie classes after Bender Weekender 3.5 years ago, not my style, sorry) and Ryan Francois’ swing stroll (what an amazing routine, I remembered it 100%).

We had socials from 8 PM until 1 AM on Friday and tea dance party from 5 PM until 7 PM on Sunday. DJ music was great! There were really awesome tunes played. We even danced shim sham (which I didn’t as I was resting due too much dancing), swing stroll, tranky doo, etc …

I really enjoyed the festival. I caught up with some old friends and made new ones. I truly loved the atmosphere there, organisers were fantastic, very helpful and all. Floorcraft was great. The venue was big enough for all of us and I think there were, maybe, around 150-200 of us. Even at the peakest times, I could still do some small swing outs.

All in all, I enjoyed my time there and I will not make this post too long, like an essay. Next time, I’ll see you at Bristol Swing Exchange 2017 in about 11 days from today where I will be dancing, playing some music, having a lot of fun and great time. I will also be blogging about BSX.

Also, don’t forget to join the Swing Marathon. Almost 500 people are already interested and I think it will be an amazing time in February! Let’s see if we can get 2,000 participants 🙂