Summarising DJAM Weekend

Hi there,

I sinned this weekend … I know I promised to blog all the way through DJAM but I couldn’t. My weekend went like this: wake up early morning, get breakfast, dance, take a shower, eat something, go down to social dance until 3 AM and then take another shower and off to bed. I blogged on Friday … it’s not even a blog post, it was rather warning that Don went to Durham lol.

OK, yesterday, we had shim sham and stuff … (inside joke ๐Ÿ˜› ) ๐Ÿ˜€

No really, I had even titles in mind: Day 1: The Arrival, Day 2: The Beginning, Day 3: The Conquer, Day 4: The End … not sure what apocalyptic/war theme has to do with it but these were original titles of my posts but then again, I suppose it won’t happen again … ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, I had plenty of taster classes. Did all 8 hours of lindy hop level C workshops, lots of dancing and drank lots of beers ( I am a man, what can I do about it??) ๐Ÿ˜€

Blues blues blues

OK, I will discount Friday since I sort of “blogged” about it. Let’s skip to Saturday. I won’t get into much details about this. I never imagined that blues would be so … hot, fun … I think it could be easier than lindy hop since it’s not so strict or fast, it’s kinda … raving in a party to a slow and smooth music … and not like jumping HARDstyle … (sorry, I am lazy and stuff). I had a few lovely blues dances on Saturday at socials. The beauty is that you can make up your own moves which I did I think. It’s all about musicality and mine sucks big time … ๐Ÿ™

Fancy a shag?

I remember I have blogged a bit about it. That statement can be creepy and earn you a slap … I guess … ๐Ÿ˜€ But then again, how the hell else can you ask for a shag dance? Anyway, we had Collegiate shag taster. Ive done it once with JiveSwing but I just can’t remember much. It’s quite fast. I am not going to get into much detail but it was fun to remember the basics.

Drills and thrills

We had this class … it was solo step variations … like for rock step, we had kick ball change, kick back or even this awesome 4 quick steps with knee slap at the end (all of that just under 2 beats), kick crosses, etc … For triple steps, we had kicks and other cool stuff. It was really awesome and I did some of quick step rock step variations in socials!


Yeah, my musicality sucks so I went to learn more about rhythm and stuff. We were asked to free dance to music. All people were moving smoothly and stuff and I was just there, tapping or clapping. Either one of those and never both … ๐Ÿ˜€ Then we had like lindy hop variations and stuff. There were 4 leads (including me) and 10 followers or so. So we tried to do some social dancing for like 5 minutes. I think it was a good class but it was taster so you can’t learn much in 45 minute classes especially when they are tasters and you have never done that thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Swing out variation

I can’t really say it was a taster class. It was for those who wanted to learn swing out variations. It was awesome but some variations were hard and I couldn’t do it. The hardest one was heel digs sort of thing. We had some which looked like half-splits … or rather one third of splits … for 2 beats and then you go into triple steps. Another one, which was quite fun and not as tough but looked great … you sort of, twist your legs/hips on beats 7 and 8 and then switch legs to do 1 quad-step over 2 beats (rock step variation) and then into triple step, step step, 2 twists … even for leads but those twists were different from usual follower’s swivels.

8 hours of lindy hop workshops

OK, we had 4 hours on Saturday, 2 hours on Sunday and 2 hours on Monday. I cannot tell you all the moves we learned because the amount of stuff we did is just INSANE. We did lots of swing outs, variations, step leading with turns and spins which work! Lots of Texas Tommies, other basic variations with turns and spins, leading followers/not leading followers, crazy unexpected swing outs and other stuff. You know how I go into details most of the time, I won’t do that today unfortunately. It might take me 5 days to do all that. I will let you trust me this time but this stuff was crazy … in a good way.

Social dancing in Durham

I danced my feet off. Did shim sham and stuff … practiced what I learned. Lots of great dancers and dances. I discovered the ugly truth … I cannot properly dance right after having 1 litre of beer. It seems that I will be going to DJAM 2015 as I promised that to someone. You see, I danced with the lady who runs DJAM and she is very musical and I loved it but I felt like I was way behind her musicality and stuff … so I said I would be much better next year … she asked me if I could promise to come to DJAM next year and I nodded. So it seems … DJAM 2015, HERE I COME!

OK, enough of this. To be honest, I thought bringing pocket-diary there and take notes of highlight and stuff but I forgot it … since I couldn’t blog every day, I thought about writing a mega post about my experience at DJAM which would take like 4,000-5,000 words but then again, who has the time to read all that stuff?

What’s next? Getting back into my work routine and probably start some (s)light marketing of blog while keep dancing, marketing, blogging and social dancing in various places ๐Ÿ˜€

I am very sorry but I cannot blog about SvoyHop right now so I will do it tomorrow afternoon!

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