Stomp Stomp + Swingamajig 2017 (or should I say Swing the Magic?)

Disclaimer: I was invited to DJ at the Stomp Stomp socials and Swingamajig Festival. There, I said it, without any sarcastic intro/disclaimer ;D

OK OK, so last weekend I was in Birmingham for Stomp Stomp 2017 workshops and social dance night as well as Swingamajig 2017. I was DJing in both events.

I had a different experience than I normally do when I attend classes and DJ. For the first time ever, I competed and made it into the finals. That is a HUGE progress in my dancing career. I was noticed! Oh yeah, I also DJed on Saturday night and people were dancing 😀 We also had amazing Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra playing live. The amazing 15 (or so) piece orchestra played really well. It was hard not to dance.

The workshops were amazing. We had some solo jazz but mainly lindy hop and charleston moves. They were all so good. We had these short routines but some fancy moves that I was able to implement in my social dances! I really loved how balanced the level was … I mean we were all so advanced, etc … 🙂

The next crazy part of this weekend was Swingamajig 2017. It is annual electro-swing and swing festival in Birmingham. It was HUGE. I was honoured to DJ at the Vintage Terrace on Sunday afternoon in between the breaks of bands such as Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra and Good Co Band. The whole festival had 7 stages (I think). The were many live bands and DJs. After I finished DJing, I had a break for couple of hours and then I started lindy hopping at the Night Owl venue to the great DJs Anna and Andy.

The Swingamajig festival also features various circus performances, dance performances, food stalls and generally great atmosphere. I would strongly suggest that you go to Swingamajig 2018 if you are even a little bit into vintage, swing, electro-swing or just generally love great atmoshere and vibe (basically, everybody).

I really had a good time last weekend! Next – The Swing Break in Umag, Croatia. DJing, learning, dancing and chillaxing by the pool 🙂

Until next time 🙂