Shooting The Stars In Kentish Town

Hi there,

Yesterday I went to Kentish Town. I won’t make this post long but I will tell you that it was great. In the intermediate class we were indeed shooting the stars lol … OK, it starts with right to right in open position. We do straight rock step (not rotational) and on beats 3 and 4, both leads and follows step instead of triple step. By beat 3/4, leads stretch their right arm to their right so followers step a bit forward. It was quite interesting because I learned about energy movement. I know this is not physics or anything like that but it’s great to know where your partner is supposed to move and where she moves exactly. We had to stretch arm out and make sure that followers step forwards by the beat 3 in order to make sure that energy flows forward and not backwards. OK, enough of scientific terms for now … 😀 Then on beat 5/6 we triple step but me being lazy, I just step which works just fine. So during triple step/step, we spin followers clockwise and end up in right to right open position, exactly where we started. This move is 6 beat but that’s not all we learned. The other one was 10 beats lindy turn/swing out or something. It’s when you do rock step, catch followers back by beat 3/4 then do 4 steps. During the last 2 steps, you send followers out and do the last triple step and end up in normal open position.

Then we had a break and all …

Then beginners class started. We didn’t do much, we were preparing for swing out/lindy turns I guess … for followers, they were learning twists twists variation while we, leads, learned how to lead followers’ twists … I doubt I am going to use this lead in dancing since it’s forced variation I guess … I prefer when followers can choose by themselves what variation to use 😀

OK, then we had socials and I, unfortunately, didn’t practice the star shooting move but did some catapulting with success!

OK, today I’m off to my third tap class. See you!

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