(Selfless) Harbour Hop 2017 in Rotter-Damn-Amazing-City

Hi, so last weekend I went to Holland (or is it Netherlands??) to have fun … and boy, did I have fun? Absouletly!

First of all, Harbour Hop was based in Rotterdam, really nice city that happens to be a port, the largest port in Europe. It has to offer a lot of sight-seeing for those who are into architecture. Some buildings look great and others – weird. I walked about 7 miles (10 km) on Sunday afternoon while taking pictures and spammed my Facebook and Instagram feeds (#sorryiamnotsorry).

I also found this place called Smilly Snack – the best cheeseburgers I have ever had! The cheese was so soft and sweet, it melted in my mouth! I found it on Saturday which was very close to Saturday’s venue – Hulstkamp – very fancy and spacious building. The burger place was so good that I actually walked there on Sunday again, to have another burger!

OK, let’s talk about Harbour Hop 2017. I cannot comment much about workshops as I didn’t take them but I know that teacher line-up was crazy good! I bet classes were AMAZING!

The socials were also great! I mean, the Friday’s venue at Arminius church … it was decently large but there weren’t as many people as on Saturday. DJ’s booth was upstairs, usually where the priest climbs up for the speech. Saturday’s venue was absolutely astonishing. Very spacious but there were a lot of people as well. Probably more than 200! There was not enough space for all people to dance but I had a great time nevertheless!

On Saturday, we had live band called T’Mouvement Big Band. They were very similar to Hot Sugar Band and they originate from France. Everybody loved them. They did not play half an hour long songs as some bands do and they also played various tempo songs. Some slow, some medium, some fast. I enjoyed them but it was nearly impossible to find a spot to dance.

As always, I must talk about floor-craft. It was good. Very good. I didn’t have any bumps … well, you occassionally bump but say sorry (or should I say show sorry by lifting your hand? ­čśÇ ) and all is good. Great DJs! Great music, great dancers!

So, to sum this festival up, if you are up for having a lot of fun in the city that has a lot to offer for those who also do sight-seeing, if you are up for having a great time while dancing to amazing DJs and band(s), learning cool stuff at workshops, etc … then you should consider Harbour Hop 2018. It is really amazing event with amazing atmosphere, music, workshops, dancers, DJs, etc … and even if you don’t take workshops, there is plenty to see in Rotterdam – things like architecture, museums, parks, etc … oh and burgers. GO TO THAT BURGER SHOP!

OK, that’s all from me, Don signs out. Until next festival (Maybe Ardent Swing Festival in Belgium on 24-26 March, 2017?? ­čÖé ).