Rhythm In Shoes Tap Course Part III

Hi there,

Yesterday I went to Rhythm In Shoes – Tap Course class 3. Well, this post won’t be long, just a quick one. First, we had this warm up, like always. Then we recapped on what we did last time. It was easy to remember as I did the routine on Tuesday couple of times. Then we added on to it.

First, we did this clunk. It’s made by hitting the floor with the inner side of your shoe. So we did clunk, step on the right, clunk, step on the left, dig on the right, step on the right (here we pointed our right foot towards 2 (as in 2 o’clock)) to make a slight move to the right and then step and heel on the left. Now we repeat the same on the left side. Then we do 1 flap and heel on the right (slow), 1 flap and heel on the left (slow), 8 quick flaps (4 on each side), then we do 1 flap and heel on the right (slow), 1 flap and heel on the left (slow), 8 quick flaps. Then we do toe touch (right), hop and step on right, toe, hop, step on the left 3 stomps (right, left, right), chug, chug. That’s all I think.

Then we did shim sham tap variation. I remember I attended 4 hours tap workshop called Hoofer’s Paradise or something. We did some of it there as well. It was a good reminder. It goes like this: stomp, brush, step on the right, stomp, brush, step on the left, stomp, brush, step/ball change, stomp, brush step on the right. Then we do the same for the other side and third time for the right side again. Then break comes in. Stomp (both feet), toe tip (left), step, heel (left), step, heel (right), step (let), stomp (both feet). That’s all. I suppose we are going to add onto our shim sham on the last class next Wednesday.

That’s all. Off to JiveSwing tonight and then Durham tomorrow!

See you!

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