Have you released album and need reviews?

Hi all. Today I would like to call for the jazz/swing singers, musicians and bands. Lindyverse lacks of great content. I can’t come to every swing festival, unfortunately, and if I keep blogging about camps only, Lindyverse suffers from “a great lack of content”. That’s a syndrome where a blog lacks a lot of content or whatever … 😀

Therefore, I decided to start reviewing upcoming launches of albums of modern swing bands. What that means is that bands keep releasing their albums. In order for them to sell them better, they need press. What is a better press/ad than a blog post on a blog that has exact audience that they need? There is none … ‘nuf said.

So, here is my offer. Please do contact me if your band is about to launch a new album. I will need all the songs in digital format, meaning, MP3s. I am certain you will be selling your album in digital format over band camp or similar platforms. I promise I will not share thsoe songs with anybody. It would be infringement of copyright or something, right? Sorry, I am not a lawman. I might also ask for permission to play your songs when I DJ in various events and festivals. Of course, I won’t play your songs if you don’t want me to but it would be nice additional ad for you as often times I share my play list with people (in text form of course).

What do you get in return?

  • The review gets exposed to several hundreds of people who read this blog regularly
  • The review gets shared across Lindyverse social empire 😀 (Facebook – 3,000+ fans, Twitter – 3,000+ followers, Instagram – 600+ followers)

I have done couple of reviews already. You can read one here and another here.

With that said, I will say bye bye for now, until next time 🙂