Practicing slides at Mouthful O’Jam

Hello all,

Today I might be slightly late but late is better than never right? I went to MOJ last Saturday and boy, did I regret it? NOT AT ALL. Look, even though tempo of songs is quite fast, I think as I keep dancing, I am able to dance to faster and faster songs.

There was no live band on and I blogged some time ago that I prefer posting about live band events. I really had a blast on Saturday even though we had only DJs. Excellent DJs!

As title suggests, you can easily slide. The dance floor is slippery but I managed not to fall. The atmosphere was amazing. It was sweaty boiling and it is a bit shame that they have open kitchen until like 9 or 10 PM. It is already boiling due to dancing and kitchen only makes it worse. They had like couple of fans on but I think this venue needs like 10 fans per corner.

I was surprised that so many good dancers came in late. At like … midnight. I know I made the right decision to stay until the end. They were probably somewhere else and came to MOJ as an after party. I had amazing dances. I had actual swungover on Sunday and I wish I had gone to Super Swing Pit or something but I didn’t. I didn’t work much either so Sunday got pretty much wasted ­čśÇ

Am I coming back to MOJ? YEAH! We had no shim sham though.

I am sorry this post is short but I thought that people still deserve to know how awesome it was. Now I am off to Wild Times, I just hope I am on time for Balboa class ­čÖé

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