Popeye Kicks And Catapulting At Savoy Hop

Hello there,

As always, I went to Savoy Hop in Hatfield today and today was a really good day! Yesterday was great, today was equally awesome as we learned some great stuff. 2 of 13 days finished and tomorrow I got Kentish Town which is going to be great I reckon so I already got GREAT feeling about this Marathon, not to mention that I got DJAM in the middle of it!

OK, about the first class … we did jazz stuff as always. First, we learned Popeye kicks or drunken sailor. It was quite fun actually. It’s like step on count 1. We start with the right. As we step, we bend our left knee and we also put it on the ball of feet. On count 2, we quickly lock left leg, put it on the full foot and then bend right knee and put the feet on ball of feet. It actually takes like half beat as we quickly do vice-verse. All this crazy action is done on 1 beat. Then we repeat with the other side. So we do 4 steps over 8 beats. The next bit we learned was equally amazing. I cannot remember what we called it, I am pretty sure someone can tell me the correct name. Let’s call it Balloon Kicks for now … lol. So it’s like this: You kick with the right on count 1 and then slowly move it behind you over next 3 beats, put down on count 4, hop on right on 5 and then toe tip with left on count 6 and then kick with left on counts 7 and 8. Pretty much it. Then we did this small routine. 2 Charleston basics, I did very basic as it makes me out of balance when I try to do that fancy twisted variation and I go off the beat anyway … then 4 drunken sailor walks, 2 basics, 2 balloon kicks and then 1 or 2 basics to finish it off …

OK, we had break and all … coffee …

… then our second class began. We did our usual Rueda … then we learned this catapult … IT WAS AMAZING! I have never done it before and it was awesome. Was tricky one but I managed to get around it! OK, I’ll try to explain what it is. We start in open, right to right handshake. We do straight rock step (not rotational), then followers get under the forearm of leaders by count 4 and then leads get close to followers and offer left hand by count 6. I am pretty sure I have blogged about similar move. So it’s like leader’s right arm is behind him and left arm is stretched a bit outside, as if some kung fu block move or something. Yeah, this part is really easy and is 6 beat move. The next part is where all the fun begins! It was suggested to imagine like sitting on the toilet. That’s what you do right before the rock step and then do rock step. Also, by sitting on the toilet, I mean you crouch with your back straight (yes, it was hardest part to learn!). As you rock step, you stretch your right arm out and bend elbow when it gets slight above your (lead’s) head. Then you do the wax cleaning move with the left arm and then bring your right arm above follower’s head to make her spin around. It can take 6 beats or 8 if you prefer that way. That’s all from the second class.

Then we had our socials. We had a cake! Both cakes were delicious! Really! Then we did black bottoms stroll. It was new to me but it’s really easy but I wouldn’t be able to recall all the moves so I won’t even try. Then we had a birthday jam. Guess what? I STOLE! Happy birthday!

Oh yeah, during socials, I practiced this catapult with high rate of success! I was off the beat here or there but it was really hard one! OK, I am off to bed now as I got very hard day tomorrow and then off to Kentish Town!

See you tomorrow!

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