Performance Ball 2014

Hello there,

I know I know, I haven’t blogged for ages … been busy as always … been sleeping and procrastinating on Facebook … XD

So yesterday I went to Performance Ball 2014 hosted by Swing Patrol London. They had 17 performances and I didn’t perform … maybe next year … like … 4 or 5 routines? Can I handle them? I sure hope so XD Anyway I got there by 9 PM so I missed a few … and then we had social dancing from 10:45 PM until 4:00 AM! The best performance for me was the one where they were dressed in black with masks. They did blues kind of thing … They were Sin City Blues right? I got the photo of them dancing …

I don’t know what else to blog about that night … it was lovely, met old and new friends, pretty much like always. It took place in Camden Centre – same venue as Meet Our Scene Ball 2014. It was quite slippery but music was not always extrememly fast. They say there were 300 dancers. More than half left by 1 AM – that’s when I went for “lunch” as I was starving. We went to some kebab/burger shop for chips. Chips were lovely. Then we came back at around 1:40 AM and danced until 4 AM. Yes, we had survivors’ photo, there is a proof that I am warrior you know xD

Shame that I didn’t take photos, I just took the one above, next time I go anywhere, I’ll take photos, regardless if I decide to blog about it or not. I’d like to go back to regular blogging but you know life is busy as I have to procrastinate on Facebook, dance, “study” and work … Lindy Shock 2014 in about 2 weeks and I am going! YEAH!

See ya!



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