Pancakes, Poland, Swing and stuff – GoAt Swing Exchange 2017

Disclaimer: I was DJing at GoAt Swing 2017. Title is also a little bit misleading … I didn’t get to eat chocolate and banana pancakes … it’s not like I was looking HARD enough … 😀

Hi all! Cześć! Today I am blogging about GoAt Swing Exchange 2017. As in most post, I must complain about traffic/travelling. First of all, as you probably know, I was DJing in Lithuania for All Lithuanian Weekend 2017 2nd edition a weekend before so I flew from Vilnius to Warszaw on Wednesday morning. Then I took a train from Poland’s capital to Poznan. It took me 4 hours on a train that was very cozy, uncomfortable and it does not even have wi-fi. That’s all.

Second of all, this is the #150th post on this blog. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH POST!

Third of all, I truly enjoyed DJing and dancing in Poland. Comparing the venue space here in Poland with those in the UK or even Lithuania … it’s crazy how spacious Poland’s venues are. Also, when you start on Wednesday and end on Sunday, you would expect that the grand ball would be on Saturday. It was on Friday! Friday’s venue probably had the biggest venue with amazing live band. It was really awesome. However, we had a few pillars that were on the dance floor, something similar to what we have here, in the UK, at Boogaloo Bounce but these pillars were not annoying. Mainly because of the large venue.

We also had various activites, outside dancing and even taster classes during the days. I, unfortunately, did not participate in classes because I was either working or sleeping (I had to sleep as I was always until the end of the parties which, sometimes, ended at 3 AM or later). I am very sorry for not making into the classes. From what I was told, classes were amazing! We also had competitions, games, etc … one of the games was to find clues around the Poznan. I wish I had participated … on Wednesday night we also had couple of hip-hop/break dance lessons which, I thought, were cool, I just wish I could do more of this stuff.

So, to sum the very first GoAt Swing Exchange up, I must say that the staff did an amazing job! You get really large venues, good bands, great DJs, people, taster classes, dancers and atmosphere. Dancing until wee hours … or until everybody leaves the party. Oh, and thank you for the gift – the very own GoAt Swing Exchange shirt which fits me perfectly 🙂