Only swing dancers would understand …

Today I am very excited. In this post I will tell you all about the new project I am working on that will change the way you see swing dancing on the internet.

First of all, we all have Facebook. The problem I see is that Facebook is tailored for everybody in the world … it’s too broad … it’s not a bad thing but it is limited as to what you can achieve in terms of swing dancing. Also, Facebook is forcing you to use your real name and information. There are certain people (lots of them actually) who do not want to use their real information for whatever reason really (mostly because of bosses snooping around to see if you shit on their companies or not … or just prevent from being stalked by friends … or strangers). I do not have any problems using my real details as I am not employed and in case someone shits on my company, I am capable of fixing it myself (simple phone call works in most cases … no, I am kidding, I do other stuff if you know what I mean 😉 ).

The other real problem I see is that there are many swing dancers on Facebook, however, the way Facebook’s groups and fan pages work, they seperate the communities. Sure, we do have swing dancers of London group with over 4,000 people in there (and half of them are probably not Londoners anyway … like me 😀 ) and it works great … we also have other sub-communities (I say sub-communities as swing dancers is like community on it’s own). Let’s say I want to go and find local events in Heidelberg … I have no idea how big the scene is in that city, I would need to search on Facebook for a certain group that serves Heidelberg swing dancers and I wouldn’t know the authenticity of the group. I would also need to request approval and then, maybe a day or two (usually within hours 😀 ) later I could take a look at the events if I get approved … unless group is public (which is in most cases :D). The point is that it is quite confusing and time consuming.

Twitter, I hear you say? Who the hell uses Twitter anyway? It’s for marketing purposes … for me anyway.

So here I am proposing my excellent idea. You can actually come and visit swing dancing forum I have created several days ago. I know it requires a lot of work to be done but here is my vision. Would you like a place where only swing dancers discuss certain issues with certain things such as floorcraft … or perhaps share your awesome story? Your short review of an event you recently attended? Buy/sell/trade your vintage or anything related to swing dancing? You are running your own social in London (for example) and then want more people to come in? You just post it in the local forum (yeah yeah, you can do that on Facebook as well but if I don’t have you in my friend list, I do not get notification that you posted in “Swing dancers of London” group therefore, I do not read it. Even if I get invited … and I get invited to many events all the time, I still don’t read it fully or I just ignore … most of us do I guess, depending on who’s inviting us). Oh, you are international teacher and you come somewhere to teach and want some private classes to teach? How would I know how well you teach? I would go on your LindyMax profile and see what other people are saying about your teaching 😉

As you can see, LindyMax has tons of potential and it is tailored for swing dancers. There will be people coming and joining the forum that are not on social networks. Oh wait, Facebook deleted your account because of X reason? Your account is safe with us and nobody will ever delete you unless you start scamming people which lindy hoppers don’t do. Got your account hacked? All you do is contact admin team via Facebook/Email/Real life and your account will be restored.

I have given more reasons that I could think of in 1 hour of writing this post, now let’s grow together 🙂

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  1. This is an ambitious project, but can you explain what this will offer that will make it better than That’s a forum that was built from the ground up to be for swing dancers and it’s been running for over a decade.

    Also what is your plan for building a sustainable community and succeeding where projects like Swing Elite ( and ( failed: these projects were trying to do exactly what you describe above, but it’s a really hard problem to crack.

    1. Hi Duncan, thank you for your input. I just checked the yehoodi out. To be honest, if I heard the name and knew nothing about the project, the name wouldn’t really tell me much about it. Name does not reflect the project. Also, this is more like news/podcast kind of project with comments enabled.

      My project is pure forum … for now. It does not require you to use your real details like name and stuff whereas Facebook does and I believe majority of people may not be willing to open up for certain issues they face as they might not want to talk about it in person.

      Web archive won’t load those two projects properly so I cannot take a proper look at what they used to be like. Sustaining the community will take a lot of effort. This blog has been up and running for 1.5 years now and I don’t see myself quiting any time soon. There are many ideas I have in mind regarding keeping the community active.

      First, I will be focusing on London’s swing dance scene. I will try to provide quality content. I will be bringing my “What’s on?” feature where I will be telling events going on this weekend. Everybody will be able to chip in and add events I haven’t added. There may be some competitions to win tickets to events/camps or even CDs. Group bookings to camps abroad (sure, you can easily do that on Facebook I guess), etc …

      Regarding competition, I don’t see anybody as my competitors. I am internet marketer for the past 8 years and I know a thing or two about forum marketing. The hardest thing is getting started. When you have even small dedicated team of volunteers, things get easier. I’ll work on LindyMax and make it success or die trying 🙂

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