Oliver’s Dime Notes at Wild Times

Hello all. Yesterday, I went to one of the final Wild Times last night. If you can’t be bothered reading this post, just to let you know, I had a blast last night and you missed out a lot if you didn’t come.

Oliver’s Dime Notes is a fantastic 6 piece band playing slow – medium – fast songs. Since I am getting better and better at dancing fast, I am slowly moving my preference to fast songs rather than medium/fast temp songs. I ain’t perfect yet … but I might be good enough 😀

I also attended balboa class for beginners taught by Nikki Santilli. I have done couple of balboa courses of around 4-6 classes each and I believe I have blogged about it here, here and here. It was fun but as always, I did not practice my balboa … I am considering of adding weekly balboa classes to my dancing schedule in coming weeks. We did basics, 2 rhythms. It was great. I loved how a complex move (something similar to come around but probably not come around) was broken down into easy steps one needs to take with all the stretching and what not. Lesson was only 45 minutes long and I feel I learned a lot!

Anyway, room was packed. It was quite slippery, I was able to practice my sliding just like at the Mouthful O’ Jam event last Saturday. As I mentioned above, Oliver’s Dime Notes is a fantastic band and I enjoyed every single song. Wild Times is hosted by LSDS and they always have fantastic dancers with really good floorcraft. I met old and new friends and then we headed out for drinks afterwards. It was awesome but I could not drink due to driving. It was fun anyway.

And here’s photo of the band and me. This is not a selfie!

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