We occuppied! JATS 2018 Lithuanian Invasion!

Disclaimer: I was DJing at JATS Lithuanian Invasion. I also took classes and I also had a smashing time.

So couple weekends ago I was out DJing in Brighton and I had a lot of fun. I learned great stuff in classes (even though I had to skip Sunday’s classes due to work and other things). I also was able to get out and see a little bit of Brighton. I may touch upon that a bit later in this post.

First of all, I would like to say that I truly LOVED the way they were handling the wristbands. This system should be implemented everywhere. What you do is, for those who bought full passes, you give social pass wristbands and then give class wristbands separately for each day. That means that people who come to parties must remove their class wristbands, this way, everybody, at the parties, wears the exact same wristband!

I also loved JATS for many other reasons. It was my first time dancing in Brighton (second time visiting Brighton in general). I actually knew quite a few people from Brighton so it was good to catch up. Congratulations for everybody who participated and won in competitions.

The Saturday classes were amazing! On Saturday, we had auditions and then we had Shag taster class. Oh boy, was it tiring? Very much so but then I had like 2 hours off before the first class. This is another thing that I loved about JATS. No classes in the morning. Classes started at 2 PM or so, that means, you get quite a bit of time to sleep after the last night’s party. Of course, you can get up early and explore the beautiful Brighton in the morning … which I kind of did on Sunday.

The parties were also amazing. The venue is a school so we had quite a large hall for parties. Both bands (Steven Coombe’s Hot Six + 3 and Bjorn Dahlberg’s and Brothers of Rhythm) were absolutely smashing. This does not happen often because, usually, one of the bands tend to be better than others in the festival. This time both bands were absolutely amazing. I just wanted to dance and dance and dance. I mean, the tempo was amazing – not too fast or too slow.

I also liked the after party. Usually, after parties mean kind of blues after parties. This time we had swing dance after party. This was amazing. Amazing DJs – DJ Lord Brothers. It was great, the bar had some drinks at the bar but damn, they took their precious time to serve people … and I can’t say that they tried hard enough … 🙁

So here comes Sunday. I went to bed at around 4 AM and I got up at 9:30 AM. Why so early, you may ask. Well, I had to check out of my room by 11 AM. My plan was to check out, attend classes, DJ, go home … only 3 things happened out of this list. OK, I only had to skip classes. So I pack up and leave my room, arrive at the school before 11 AM. Then I thought I would do some work, prepare my DJing playlist (yes, I had plans of not attending Sunday’s classes before I even I arrived at Brighton, sorry).

Of course, I didn’t do my work at first, I had to go out and explore Brighton. I am so glad that I did. You know what? I found the best chips ever … chips on the beach … whatever. The place is called Harry Ramsten’s Fish & Chips restaurant or something. It’s red bar … easy to spot and smell, actually (I mean, it smells nicely and all).

To get to the Harry Ramsten’s place, we had to walk through The Lanes. I mean we didn’t have to but we did it anyway. The Lanes is a funny thing … it’s like a maze of tiny streets with all kinds of shops … jewelry shops in particular. It is worth walking through The Lanes at least once in your lifetime so you know exactly what it is.

Of course after I purchased my chips, we went to the Palace Pier. I think it’s an iconic spot for those who are visiting Brighton. I have been here once before JATS Lithuanian Invasion so I didn’t see anything new … I mean, it hasn’t changed except that guy making all kinds of bird sounds.

DJing at JATSSo once I got back after my expedition, it was 2 PM and then I agreed with my earlier decision not to attend classes. I truly loved classes on Satruday, I just had certain things to do before the party so I had to skip classes. I had around 5 hours before the party started and I was main DJ for that night. I was supposed to DJ from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Of course, the band had couple of sets which took about 1.5 hours in total so I had only 2.5 hours of DJing. It was enough and I was NOT running out of songs. People were dancing during my sets and, of course, during the band sets. Brighton was truly bouncin’ 🙂

And then I drove home. Safe and sound.

So to sum this up, I really enjoyed the JATS Lithuanian Invasion. Dancing, learning, DJing, exploring … the bands and other DJs were also amazing. There were lots of people from London and I made quite a few new friends! Will I come back to JATS? Well, yes, of course 🙂

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