My Favourite Things And Kai Hoffman At Live & Let Jive – Admitting Too Many Things In One Post

Hello all, so yesterday I hit yet another Live & Let Jive event. I believe it is my regular thing now. I have to admit 2 things though – it is more for jivers rather than lindy hoppers. I expect to see some lindy hopping friends in the next few Live & Let Jive events. Another thing to admit – I will miss the June edition – I will be in Germany 🙂

Oh, admitting yet another thing – I took a tube. You know I normally drive to events even if they take place in very south of London, however, I read what I wrote about the last Live & Let Jive on my blog and remembered how bad the traffic was … so I drove up to Edgware and the took the tube to Leicester Square – no interchange, tube takes straight to the place and then I walked for about 5 minutes … or less. Problem with tubes is that I could not stay longer than 23:30. I had to catch the last tube. This resulted in me leaving in the middle of Kai’s second performance. If I had driven to the place, I would most likely had missed My Favourite Things performance … and probably half of the jive class … which speaking of, I took the jive class for the first time.

There were around 6-8 couples in the class and we originally had to learn 2 moves. We learned 3. I know I have been dancing lindy hop for 2 years but I had never done jive before. It is quite easy. I believe I finally understand the basics of jive and I could probably adapt lindy hop moves into the jive … with certain tweaks and what not. We learned some sort of tuck turn from closed position. Then we did follower’s spin/tuck spin or whatever it is called. Then we learned follower’s spin no-hand manoeuvre. The next paragraph will be very boring but it will work great for me as a reminder how to make those moves so you can skip the paragraph if you want to 😀

So we started with the closed position. Similar position to lindy hop closed position. Then we leaned forward, back, forward, back, forward, back. Then we opened up, then we stepped with outside legs towards each other to make “square shoulders”. Leader’s left arm has to be up at that point. Then we send followed to turn, catch, turn the other way around and position ourselves in open basic position. The next move – leader’s left arm forward (right arm – backward), left arm backward (right arm forward), left arm forward (right arm backward) and then left arm up (just above follower’s head) and then leader’s send followers for a turn/spin. Then leaders catch and turn the other way around and get into open basic position again. The last move we did was the no-hands spin. It’s the same technique as the last move except instead of putting arm up, leaders take both arms to their right side (follower’s left side). Arms must be at hip level. Then leaders pull both arms so followers spin clockwise. Then leaders catch the followers’ right arm and turn the other way around. Then we can get into either closed or open position. It’s funny because all moves/turns/spins we learned require the counter-spin/turn. It reminded me of modern jive classes I was taking with ijig in Hatfield, my local town. I might just start attending the modern jive classes again. I know it won’t hurt especially mixing it up with blues.


Anyway, before the class started, we had performance by My Favourite Things (MFT). They made it into my favourites however, they do not play just swing/jazz – they play bues and other stuff. I cannot tell for sure as I made it to their second set … like their 5 last songs or so due to bad traffic/not getting ready in time/etc … I really enjoyed their performance. The band consists of 3 girls who sing and dance (tap right??) and 3 (or was it 4?) men who play the instruments. Really great combination and I truly enjoyed. They sing, then dance around then sing again … it was spectacular performance.

Kai Hoffman got on stage with her band at around 9:30 – 10:00 PM. As always, her performance was excellent. At times, she comes out and dances with other people when she does not have to sing. I cannot really comment much more. You have to come and listen to this perfection by yourselves. As I said earlier, I had to leave in the middle of her second set … 🙁

To summarise the event, I have to say that I really enjoyed it but I will not make it the next month as I will be doing the chase festival in Germany. I will be flying to Frankfrut Hahn airport and then 2 hours on the bus to get to the Heidelberg. Good thing is that I will leave early morning so I will make to the hotel in the afternoon. Anyway, as I said, I truly enjoyed last night. I have to admit that there weren’t many people who could lindy hop. Most of them came to jive. It’s OK, I had a chance to practice the jive and show off the lindy hop 😀

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