Musicality And Stuff At Newington Green

Hi there,

Sorry, I took couple of days off blogging even though I kept dancing. Just to briefly tell what happened … on Tuesday, in Kentish Town I learned quite a few cool moves – 10 beats swing in out … yeah, first 4 beats start as normal swing out with slight tweaks and then followers make a spin on beats 5-8 and then last triple step takes place. Then we also learned corridors in the beginner’s class. I loved that and wanted to learn it! It’s very similar to the tunnel … 😀

Then I went to the last tap class yesterday. We finally finished tap shim sham. We also added upon our routine but I am too tired and I cannot really remember what exactly we did. It was fun though … we took group photo as well.

OK, today I went back to Newington Green. It was a great class. We did musicality related stuff. Did I learn anything new? OH YES! We did sailor’s kicks … or perhaps death race/death trap?? 😀 Yeah, I am pretty sure that teacher called this move death race … it starts with both hands connected (not crossed). Then leader’s left arm goes behind his neck while right arm goes next to the outer hip of follower. Then we did 3 triple steps and then leaders disconnect their right arm and then we do the last triple step to get into the open. It was absolutely amazing. We had this small routine: swing out, tacci Anne, swing out, swing out with outer turn, swing out, tacci Anne, Swing out and connect with both arms, entry to death race, death race, 4 random/custom 6 beat moves, 2 swing outs, Texas Tommy, mini dip. Yeah, that’s what we did!

Then we had level 3 class. Theme was quite awesome. What to do if you cannot find beat 1? It was great … all you have to do is make it look like you intended to start on that beat … 😀 Then you can do 7 beat swing out … (that was odd one lol) … or if you are doing the lindy circle, you can do several steps/triple steps so you match the last triple step with beats 7 and 8. Also, followers learned how to “cancel” swing out in case they saw someone behind their leader … like an obstacle or another dancer and they would bump if they continued … they just keep attached to leader’s right arm … I think that was it … both classes were really great!

Then I went downstairs for some socials. We had shim sham and stuff … you know one of those days where you cannot dance? I think today was one of those days for me … I couldn’t dance properly in socials 🙁

We also had Jack & Jill competition … I didn’t enroll. The winner was the same guy who won strictly lindy hop competition in Durham last Sunday. Congratulations mate 😉

OK, it’s quite late here now, I am off to bed.

See you!

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