Millie & The Millionaires at Swing Den North

Hi all,

Yesterday I went to Swing Den North at Langham’s social club in Haringey. It was in North London so it took me around 50 minutes to drive there. This post is going to be quite short but hey, it’s right to the point right?

As I mentioned earlier, it took me 50 minutes to get there. It was supposed to take me around 35-40 minutes but I had traffic in Woodford Green central area.

So I heard Millie & The Millionaires for the first time … look, they were a bit different from other swing bands. They sound quite rock’n’roll-ish but they have this swing beat which was awesome. You hear the beat and you lindy hop but the other sounds make you wanna start jumping! This music gives you so much energy that you do not know what to do with it! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the band and the event as well. Tempo was slightly faster than medium I’d say but it’s okay, it was chilling and awesome. Unfortunately, the band had only 1 set of around maybe 10-15 songs.

This was my first time at the venue as well. Area was bigger than most venues I dance at. Floor was great. Not slippery at all which means I could easily swing to fast music! I met many old friends and made new ones. It was a great and chilling night and I danced with almost every follower there was. I know this post is relatively short compared to other posts but you know when Millie & The Millionaires are playing live, you can swing and rock’n’roll to this band … or jive … XD

Oh, we had shim sham and stuff!

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  1. Hi Don – great write-up of a fab night at Langham’s – I love it that you totally get what Millie & The Millionaires are all about! Regards, The Dave

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