Merging Scouts And Explorers At SavoyHop


I know that after SavoyHop, I blogged about DJAM yesterday, not really SavoyHop. I made a promise to blog about it this afternoon and I don’t want to sin anymore … ­čśÇ

It’s not going to be long as I am a bit tired and I am going dancing soon anyway so, here goes …

In jazz class we learned those funny walks where you put a finger out and wiggle it (no, not the middle one). It’s like stomp and then slide the ball of feet from the inside out (2 beats) and then do the same with the other feet. You start with the right. Finger of right arm must be out while you put left palm on your tummy. I think this move is used in big apple routine. Another move we learned is called shish kaboom shish I think. It’s like this: kick ball change (on the right) , step (right), kick (left), kick ball change (on the left), step (left), kick (right). With variations, instead of doing two kicks, it’s more like a sweep for 2 beats. Looks awesome! Next bit we did – our weight is on the left, we do switch, switch, lock, spin up until count 7. Yes, it was awesome!

Then we had our break, this was the second time that we all sat in the lounge, had home made cake, talked mainly about DJAM and stuff. Thank you for lovely cake. It had lots of chocolate which I love.

OK, we didn’t do Rueda. We did something else. We recapped on prominots and swing outs and stuff I think. Then we learned Texas Tommy variation with a jump. I’ve done it before but I couldn’t remember the lead so it was fabulous to remember! I tried to do Tommy with jump and without jump at socials with complete success! There weren’t many of us yesterday but I had great time showing off with DJAM shirt lol.

OK, this is where I sign off for now. See you tonight with tonight’s dancing experience.


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