Meeting Our Scene Ball …

Hi there,

I am a bit late with blogging … a few things happened over the weekend and I had no time to blog about dancing stuff. This blog post is going to be short and about scene ball hosted by Swing Patrol. I also went to Sylvia and Peter’s workshop on Sunday. I will blog about it later on tonight once I am back from SavoyHop. I will blog about Savoy Hop tomorrow afternoon and then Cjam (yes, I am going to Cjam tomorrow, not Kentish Town) once I am home after it so you will get 2 blog posts per day for 2 days … 😀

OK, about the scene ball …

.. it was AWESOME.

I mean, it was GREAT, it wasn’t as good as Bedroom Bar Bounce though but I really enjoyed it. Met many old friends and met a few new friends! It started with swing taster class which I skipped. I did my own warm up – a can of Carlsberg … too bad, they had no Corona or Foster’s … 🙁

Then we had blues taster class which I did. I did blues taster class back at DJAM as well so this was my second class. I liked it, I think there are some bits you can use when you swing dance … we did different stuff during this class … so I now know a few moves!

OK, then we danced a bit, we had several performances and competitions. We had solo jazz competition. I did not even enter … we also had speed shim sham – shim sham survival competition … I lost … in round 1 … 🙁

The dancing floor was HUGE! There probably were 300 people and even when almost everybody were snowballin’, there was space to dance. Music was good. We had 16 people band performing live and then some DJs DJing … it was quite fast music though so I could not do many swing outs … floor itself was excellent. I could easily slide and do other cool stuff which I didn’t … 😀

I had many dances. All in all, I had superb experience and I even learned something new (blues moves). As I said, this is not going to be long … I don’t know what else to say? 300+ photos of this awesome night

OK, I am off now, see you soon!

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