Hello, to be honest, I wanted to try another “story-telling” kind of blog post with this event but due to lack of time due to poor time management of my life, etc … I don’t have much time to think of amazing words to put to make it sound cool. Besides, we don’t have time for stories right now, we are all so buzzed about ESDC, it’s crazy, so many hundreds of people coming from all over Europe. Anyway, ESDC will have its own post, today, I want to blog about Nighthawks – event I attended last Saturday … it could have been the last Saturday for some (yes, slightly exaggerating … or NOT??).

So, following up my previous post about why I love Uptown Swing events, I wanted to reassure you that I still stand by it! The atmoshpere was crazy good, so many great dancers, so many new dancers. I even managed to get to the taster class. It was 1920s Charleston. To be honest, it reminds me of my first few classes I had at Savoy Hop – we were learning 1920s Charleston. Now that I have more experience with different types of swing dance, I must admit that 1920s Charleston is probably easiest of them all. No confusing kicks or triple steps, I think it was great that Savoy Hop tought us the fundamentals of this dance. I know I didn’t particularly like it but I am falling in love with it again and I might be attending some workshops or regular classes for 1920s Charleston. I hope that Uptown Swing is going to offer some for beginner/intermediate dancers at some point so I can join in.

Anyway, I wanted to say (again) that atmosphere at Nighthawks was great! Amazing DJs kept us on our toes, there were so many great dancers! We had a performance. It took about 5-10 minutes, not half an hour. We also had birthday jam! Happy birthday mate! I will not out his name as I don’t know if he would like that but I am sure Nighthawks attendees know who I am talking about ­čÖé

Anyway, three thumbs up for Nighthwalks. It actually made me realise not to take my life for granted and appreciate every moment I get, every dance I take, every day I wake up. You see, I was just dancing and then a lamp fell on the floor. We (me and my dance mate (is that even a phrase? If not, I apologise ­čśÇ )) were dancing about 2 metres from the spot that the lamp hit. It was made out of glass. To make things even scarier, I will tell you dimensions – 1.5 metres x 0.5 metres large, probably heavy thing made out of glass did not even shatter on the floor! We stopped dancing for a while but as hardcore dancers as we were, we finished the dance! I believe that thing could have killed someone but it hit floor, nobody but floor! We all were lucky!

I know that I will see some of you at ESDC tonight, tomorrow, on Sat or Sun! Happy lindy hopping my friends!

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