Love Swing? Love Lithuania! All Lithuanian Weekend 2017 2nd edition

Disclaimer – I was DJing for ALW (in my own home country) but if you DO know me, you know I am always honest, no matter how ugly the honesty is … it wasn’t 😉

Hi, Labas, Sveiki! As you probably already noticed, for the past few festivals I have been delaying blogging for about 2 weeks or so … not this time! I am quite busy with traveling these days and while I am still in ALW vibes, I would like to quickly write about the amazing All Lithuanian Weekend 2017 … the second edition. Yes, the first edition of All Lithuanian Weekend was so coooooool in February (I mean it was cold and all … oh and awesome too 😀 ), they decided to do another one!

I would like to begin with the appreciation. I am truly honoured to be part of such an amazing event. It was pleasure and honour to be DJing amongst all (almost) Lithuanian DJs (such as DJ Samas, Rhythm Lords (Arnas, Mindaugas, etc …), Kęstas, Saulė, Joseph, Rokas and Felix) and bands such as Home Jazz Band, The Schwings, The Shoekillers and, obviously, musician jam (I went live and I will be embedding video in this post somewhere below).

To tell the truth, I did not go to classes because I was partying until wee hours, and believe me, it was absolutely amazing. We finished at 4 AM on Friday and at 6 AM on Saturday and Sunday. I stayed until the end. The music was always swing. There was no blues, club or rave after-party, it was PURE SWING! DJs were amazing too! The MC (Felix) was absolutely amazing and hilarious (check-check-ch-ch-ch-ch-check)!

I remember last time, majority of dancers were Lithuanians. This time – majority was Lithuanians (again, I wonder why? :D) but there were a lot of people from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania … oh and UK too! I do believe there were people from all over the Europe. A lot of people get confused because of the event’s title. Even though it says Lithuanian in the title, it only means that all the teachers are Lithuanians … even DJs were not all Lithuanians. People from all over the world are welcome and I am sure as hell, classes are in English!

So, to sum it up: if you enjoy absolutely crazy classes, amazing bands, amazing DJs, dancers, atmosphere that drives you to the dance floor, ALW is the place to be! Also, the floor-craft is always top-notch and people are very polite to say sorry (which no longer happens in London 🙁 ). Oh, the beer. It is also worth trying it out if you never had!

OK, that is it. I truly enjoyed it, one of the greatest festivals! I believe I will be back … 1,000,000 times! As for me, off to Poland to do some more DJing for GoAt Swing Exchange next (or should I say this?) week!