Lots Of Connection And Spinning At SavoyHop

Hello there,

I probably don’t need to tell you anymore that I always come here on Monday nights for the past 7.5 months now. I kept my tradition and have not missed a single class yet …

OK, enough of highlights of the day, now this post is going to be short really as it’s like 1:30 AM as of writing this exact word and I need to sleep some time during night you know … I watched this The Tomorrow People on TV and it was great, might make this my Monday night tradition now!

Anyway, in jazz class we learned only two moves which are shouts or something and fish run or something. I don’t think it’s a real name as I didn’t pick the name up if it was mentioned but it’s the one where you push your hips in front and then back (yeah, it’s a weird motion I know) and then to the sides. There was so much in technicality, keeping it balanced and stuff, it took us like almost whole lesson. Then we learned this fish run or something. Not sure if we can call it that way but it’s like this: you slap your bum with the right arm and lift left leg slightly up on count 8. Then you push your left arm out and put your left leg in front on count 1, then slap your bum with right, put your left arm up close to your body and slide your right leg to your left leg and put your left leg slightly up in the air on count 2 and then repeat it for another 3 times to make a full 8 beat move. The first move is used in Tranky Doo. It’s one of the last moves where you do 4 or 5 of them right before the last move which you do 6 times and then start the whole stroll again. Sorry, I am bad at names tonight …

Anyway, we had a break and all … there were like maybe 15 of us, not more and during break, most of us were sitting in this lounge and talking … was interesting, never happened anything like this anywhere before … really … had coffee and all …

OK, the second class started. We did this Manning Rueda which was the most simple version of it – swing out, 2 lindy turns and pass around. Then we worked on arm connections. As I said, I am not good at names today so let’s call this move cinema hang out. I believe I have blogged about this move. It’s basically move where you connect right to right in open position, do rock step, then triple step and followers turn around and then do another triple step and we end up in this awesome position where leads have their arm around followers’ neck and they also connect with the left hands. We did with triple steps, kicks and steps (singles? Where we step and hold). Then we also did traveling tuck turn where we end up in this side to side open position which is called hang around I believe and it is perfect position for cobweb move. Then we did cobweb where we learned how to make followers to spin┬á rather than turn. Yes, it works and triple steps, singles and kicks require slightly different lead but they all work. I tried during social time and I could easily lead spins and turns at will! I think this is all we did in this class. The purpose of this class was about connection and tensions I guess but they all worked well!

Then we had social dancing time where I danced for almost all the time and I believe I danced with almost every follower which was way better than the last Monday!

OK, I need to order tap shoes off eBay now and then off to bed. Tomorrow’s Kentish town ­čÖé

Oh wait, this was supposed to be short, I guess I was wrong, this post is decent length!

See you tomorrow ­čśÇ

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