London Swing Festival 2015 – my sinful write-up

Hey all. I have sinned over the weekend … three times!

OK, let’s get to it. I want to redeem my sins. I went to London Swing Festival 2015 last weekend. I know that I told some people/friends that I would always get full workshop passes when it comes to festivals but I sinned this time. I only got social pass and this is probably one and only thing I ever regret (no wait, I regret NOTHING, I am sure next weekend will have awesome workshops as well). I also didn’t take any selfies. That is a sin for me but it probably does not affect the readers of this blog 😀 And lastly, this blog post will not be long like most of my festival/exchange reviews where I put around 1K – 2K words long posts … well, at least it might not bore you right?

So over the weekend, we had 3 great bands – Naomi and her handsome devils, Hot sugar band (which I believe is going to play live for Chase Festival as well) and Shirt tail stompers: mini big band.

We also had outdoor dancing at the Spitalfields during 1PM – 3PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I didn’t go to any of them. I had “work”, nap and other stuff to do in the afternoon. We also had pre-party on Thursday at Wilton’s Musical Hall but I find very weird that it is not included in the weekend passes. In all the events I go to, pre-party is usually included in the price of ticket. I am sure that it was sold out and it was packed. That venue is one of the kind – it’s got uneven floor but lovely decorations and atmosphere and it is always packed. I like it because it allows me to work on my skill of dancing with small steps and it also allows me to train my control of my follower (tensions and releases and stuff).

Anyway, I will not comment about workshops. I am sure they were top notch … that’s what I gathered from what people told me. No surprise here considering the teacher line-up.

Venue was a great choice. It is large but sound system was not very good. I mean, live bands sounded great but DJ music was a bit wrong. It was hard to hear proper beat. This is the same problem we have at Bishopsgate Institute (super swing pit, etc …). I believe that speakers might not be suitable for such large venues but then again, I am not a person to talk about this tech-stuff.

We also had competitions. I didn’t enter competitions because … I not need to show off xD but congratulations to all the winners, runner-ups, etc … you all did amazing job!

Oh, we had no after-party. There was one where people got drunk but I didn’t participate. I was driving so I could not drink and there was no dancing.

To be honest, I think LSF 2014 was better but then again I am not fully “authorised” to comment on this since I didn’t take workshops but last year we had after-party at the Bedroom Bar and we were dancing until 5 AM. I realise that last year’s LSF happened during bank holidays weekend but does it really matter? I went to GNSH 2015 and we had “after-party” on Sunday night and we danced until 5 AM. People had no problem in skipping work/uni next day 😀

But then again, I enjoyed the social dancing, that’s what I came there for!

This is it guys, I am off to Heidelberg on Thursday and I still got to sort out business stuff as I don’t really want to work while I am in Germany …

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