London Swing Festival 2014 – Not To Be Missed!

Hi there! Today I am taking a different route of how I blog about swing dancing. This is not a review … this is so called “preview” … really I am just testing a new marketing approach … ­čśÇ

Anyway, less BS, more cool stuff … I am so excited about it and yes, I am competing there! Up and coming division is for those who started dancing in January 2013 or later … I started dancing in May 2013 … I had my swingaversary recently!

Anyway, why is this fetival not to be missed? It is going to be the biggest festival I’ve been to … (I hope).

OK, first of all, I shall mention that it has around 8 hours of workshops, over 30+ hours of socials … it is officially kicking off tomorrow (Thursday, 5th June, 2014).

Live band line-up:

  • Hot Sugar Band
  • The Basin Street Brawlers
  • The Shirt Tail Stompers

DJ line-up:

  • Joe Medler
  • Johanna
  • Kibble
  • Christopher Gammie
  • Laura Cupit Knight
  • Mark Wheeler
  • Amanda Owen
  • Sean O’Neill
  • Matt Turner

Teachers line-up:

  • Scott Cupit
  • Trisha Sewell
  • Serena Rizzo
  • Benjamin Robert Cook
  • Thomas Blacharz
  • Alice Mei
  • Katja Hrastar
  • Peter Loggins
  • Todd Yannacone
  • Nina Gilkenson

There is also a special offer for post-festival! LSF ticket holders will be able to get in blues class and socials (live band) for just a mere tenner (£10). This festival is sure set to ROCK THE BLOODY ROOF!

I will blog about it when it finishes on Monday!

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