London Lindy Exchange 2015 – So Epic, If You Missed It – Eat Your Fingers!

Hello all. So here I am sitting in my home office feeling very sad that LLX 2015 is over. I had really good time and now I am thinking of another event I expect to go to. Chase festival perhaps? 😀

Before you start reading this post, I suggest to read it fast as I am writing this post very fast due to lack of time – you see, I got some work to do and then go to CJAM for post LLX awesomeness 😀

First of all, I have to admit, this was the first time I have ever read code of conduct … and it was hillarious. I shall start reading code of conduct everytime I go somewhere.

There were over 500 people who attended this event. I “re-united” with some people who came from Germany, France and Spain mainly. It’s awesome how many friends you make from all over the world when you attend international camps and festivals. I shall do this more often.

During this event we had 4 superb bands – Shirt Tail Stompers, Pete Long’s Echoes of Ellington, Pete Long’s Benny Goodman Sextet and Gordon Webster and Friends. We also had LLX all stars performing on Monday afternoon. I believe they mainly were guys from Shirt Tail Stompers. Good stuff.

Friday, 1st May

So it all started at 8 PM on Friday, May 1st. I was at uni that day. I finished at 4 PM and then went to Camden. I had 3.5 spare hours to waste. I met some friends, had some lunch at McDonalds (yeah yeah, burgers and stuff, what else is there at McDonalds?). I was walking around … almost in triple steps … just warming up for dances …

We had Shirt Tail Stompers performing on Friday night. They did about 5 sets … imagine that? It was superb night … I didn’t dance much. I was talking to a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while. The venue was amazing. Decently large but I doubt that there were 500 people. It was packed though. The choice of the venue was great!

Saturday, 2nd May

OK, this is looking like a diary now when my headlines are dates rather than normal headings … but who cares right? So on Saturday afternoon we had Pete Long’s Echoes of Ellington. It was at Wild Court, the venue that used to be used by LSDS for their weekly nights on Tuesdays. I even blogged about it several times. The venue is just amazing! The band was just as smashing as STS (Shirt Tail Stompers). They played quite fast music but it was chilling fast. You there are two types of fast songs – those that take a lot of energy and those that don’t. They played the latter type. I guess it’s all about the rhythm. It was amazing! It was packed. We had a lovely weather so I was staying outside for a while … quite often.

Then I went home. I drove to Cockfoster to get tube to Holborn and then back to Cockfosters to drive home. Traffic in the afternoon could have been quite … heavy. And then I drove in the evening.

We had Pete Long’s Benny Goodman Sextet. They were very professional but their songs were around 1 hour long each. And as fast as Tasmanian Devil … I was not dancing, however, I enjoyed listening to their songs. Then we had Gordon Webster and Friends. They were phenomenal! I was really tired by the time they got on the stage. Their music was just fantastic! I danced even though I was tired. It was the same venue as on Friday night. It went on until 4 AM. I left around 3:45 or so.

Sunday, 3rd May

We had DJ music on Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed the atmosphere and music was just excellent. However, the floor was not good. It was wooden for the most part but it had concrete bits here and there. It was uneven. Very difficult and dangerous to dance at. I danced anyway.

Then, a bunch of us went for lunch and then we headed to the Camden venue. It was the same venue again. Decently large with amazing dance floor. We had Gordon Webster and Friends again. They were epic as always. I can’t comment much about it as it would be just copying and pasting the same bits from 2 paragraphs above … lol.

Then we had after party at the Trout Cabaret venue. I have to complain about the parking. It was difficult to find a spot but I managed. Then we got to the after party. The floor was too sticky, many people couldn’t dance due to shoes or other problems. I had a few dances. It was more like blues night and I don’t blues unless I am drunk. I heard it went on until 5 AM. We left at around 2 AM. I had no regrets next morning!

Monday, 4th May

This was the last day of epic LLX 2015. It was at Exmouth Marketplace. The venue is a church. There is monthly lindy hop event called Red Rhythm going on at this exact venue so I was very familiar with this venue as it is my regular spot. I haven’t blogged about it yet probably because they don’t do live music there.

Anyway, we had LLX all-stars performing. They were amazing. The weather during the gig was awesome as well. I had no idea that this venue could fit so many dancers! When the band was on, there was hardly any space left to stay for a break so I was “outstanding” 😀

I also had this personalised shirt on me and 9 people noticed it! I felt epic! The shirt says “Keep calm and let Don handle it”. I shall get another shirt saying “Keep calm and let Don market it”. I also got yet another shirt saying “Don Swings” but then many people got wrong ideas … not necessarily bad ones though 😀

Then we had lunch and then we hit the road (Don … or Jack 😀 ) … oh, do you remember you read about lovely weather we had during the dance event? It got so bad while we had lunch … it was pissing (raining heavily if you don’t get British slang … or whatever slang …).

So … what’s next? CJAM tonight! Should be good and I should be blogging about it tomorrow.

So to summarise the event – I paid £66.xx (can’t remember how much pence I paid). It was around $100. We had 7 socials in total with 4 amazing bands and dozens of amazing dancers. Was it worth? Yes.

I just promise you this: next year (yes, I will be going to LLX 2016), I will be a better dancer and I will have 1 year blues dancing experience so I can stay longer at LLX after-party on Sunday night and blues until I drop dead.

Don’s out.

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