Lindyverse is not dead! Things about to change!

Hi all. I know I have not been as involved with lindy hop as I used to in the past. This is about to change … with a change 😉

So basically, right now, I blog about festivals I attend to … and I don’t really attend as many festivals as I used to. I counted last week. I did 23 festivals (exchanges included) over the past 3 years. I want to do more … so I will.

So, this is my plan and this exactly how Lindyverse is going to change:

  • Consistent blogging (not necessary about festival, perhaps bigger events also, just like in the past).
  • Better social networking – sharing various awesome pictures and videos about swing dancing on social media (mainly on Facebook).
  • More vlogging – I know I used to vlog on weekly basis. The series were called Swing Weekly and I had 8 episodes. I can no longer resume Swing Weekly. The recording takes too bloody long and I ain’t got no time for this … no more. But I will keep vlogging, putting various video bits from various events, put some background music on … you know … the best part of my weekly show anyway … because people didn’t like my voice and lame jokes anyway 😉

Lindyverse is also becoming a personal brand. That means that I will start wearig my branded shirt(s) soon:


Another thing to note – Swing Marathon 2017. This one is going to be much better than the one I did in 2016. I am allowing more time for myself to prepare for this. Plan stuff out and I hope that people are going to join me on this venture. I am even building a brand new website with all the information about this annual “event”. So why marathon? Because it has Don’s thumb of approval:


So, follow Lindyverse on: