Lindy Shock 2014 Opening Ball And Auditions

Hi there. I hope you are reading this post quickly. I am writing this fast as I don’t have much time … (let’s see if the same joke works twice 😀 ).

OK, I am heading to the old-timers ball within the next half an hour so lets see how many words I can write 😀

OK, all the failed jokes aside, lets talk about the stuff.

I went to opening ball yesterday. We had a live band – Attila Korb & His Gang. We also had teachers introduction. I must admit, the floorcraft was so much better, maybe because we had so much more space – 2 boats.

Before the ball, we needed to check-in. Oh my god, the system was way from the future. They already use like … apps and stuff. They give you ID-personalised wristbands which look like hand watches rather than wristbands. Then they scan your wristband to make sure you are in the right class! I think this is a very awesome technology! I stayed until 3 AM at the ball and then I went home, slept for 3 hours, woke up, took a shower and attended the auditions. Not too bad, I made it into the middle group of intermediate/advanced level. I am happy. It would be insane to have all the people in the same room. Hell, even 1 third of the whole I/A students were a lot, we hardly fit into the room. Auditions were quite interesting. It was more like social dancing. Danced to a few songs to warm up and then danced once to “show off” skills to make it to the right class. I think we are all about the same level of dancing which is GREAT! Met new friends already.

I also went to the first 2-hours class. I could tell you what we did but I won’t. I think it’s unfair to talk about it just yet. I will summarise all the classes on Monday’s blog post (hopefully).

Sorry, I didn’t take selfie with the band as I was busy dancing and stuff (mostly having no balls to ask for selfie. Something to work on I guess 😀 ). Here’s photo from their page (hopefully they won’t sue me for copyright infringement … 😀 ) They were really good though.

OK, over & out.

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